Cruise Job Secrets: Your Guide to Getting a Job Entertaining on a Cruise Ship

14 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Cruise Ship Workers

Now this depends on the size of the ship. I worked on a foot ship and a foot ship, there is a big difference in the motion and movement. What I can tell you is this. You will feel it at first, no matter the size.

Requirements to Work On Board - Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

For any job there of course ups and downs, on a ship it can literally go up and down with the tide. You will also have a solid week or two of basic safety training. This is awesome because you can wake up in some incredible places, but also rough because you may have a week at sea without land in sight. Another reason why it is great for College grads. You can save up money and not worry about everyday items.

Working on ships is awesome beyond the fact that you live a little better and get to see the world. The gear on ships is usually state of the art.

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Digital boards, huge budgets and short hours. Audio Engineers on ships usually hold more responsibility than just running sound for shows. You will be the go to techie. Meaning if they are having troubles with the sound system in a lounge, your number will likely ring first. Those waiters, bartenders and housekeepers can make quite a bit. Entertainment positions are usually salary or very generous hourly wages.

We have a few graduates working cruise ship jobs as we speak. There is no median because of this. But you also get free boarding, food and travel! This is a great opportunity to save up and see the world. Travel and meet a lot of interesting people. Working on a ship is like working at the United Nations.

You Can Get Off the Ship

Yep there's a difference, and get it wrong at your peril! One example of the on- ship hierarchy at work is that crew members will typically live on the Most cruise liners have a social/entertainment programme for employees, to avoid the cabin .'s bulletin blog, bringing you cruise news, tips and guides daily!. Holidays · Science · Entertainment · History · Language · Food · Archeology We spoke to a few cruise ship employees about what it's like to live and work on a that cruise ship employees work really long hours and almost never get a day off, . Unlike tour guides—who provide local expertise about a city or attraction and.

You will meet and make connections with people from around the globe. I have friends that would let me stay with them in several countries on 6 continents!

There are all sorts of cruise ship jobs all over the globe, big ships, small ships, Fast Ships and Friend Ships! You will put your regular life on hold while you cruise the high seas. If you are a naturally enthusiastic and positive person, the ship life will treat you well. But if you are an introvert, you may have problems. Remember once you sign on you have to fulfill your contract or pay your way home.


Want some other insights? Check out this great blog by NomadicMatt. There are hundreds of cruise ship jobs available outside of a studio. These reviews are taken very seriously and often translate directly into salaries and bonuses for workers.

Gavin says one of his fellow employees lived as an out-of-the-closet gay man while on board, but was still closeted on land. Crew members have shorthand codes for everything from fires to medical emergencies, which they can announce over the loudspeaker without alarming passengers. For example, the Indian mafia was in charge of getting good food for the crew parties, she says. Because Sam worked in the youth center, she was tasked with providing art supplies for crew costume parties.

One former cruise ship worker says the Filipino mafia was known for getting good booze at all hours.

14 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Cruise Ship Workers | Mental Floss

The crew bar would close around 1 or 2. If you wanted to keep drinking, but were out of booze, you would just go to the Filipino mafia and get what you needed. You paid a huge markup obviously, but it was still pretty cool!

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Roughly people die on cruise ships every year, and cruise lines need some place to store the bodies safely until they get back to shore. As a result, many ships have small morgues on board that can hold five or six bodies. If you leave the ship for an on-land excursion, make sure you get back before departure time. Tour directors get paid to travel the world, dine at incredible restaurants, and sleep in comfy hotel beds.

Some would even describe the work as exhausting, both physically and mentally. Unlike tour guides—who provide local expertise about a city or attraction and generally don't have to travel far—tour directors book gigs across the country or abroad via tour operation companies, handle the pre-trip planning, and conduct the tour, all while fixing the problems that pop up along the way.

To find out what their day-to-day work is really like, Mental Floss spoke with three tour directors or managers, as they're also known. Kimberly Fields-McArthur, an American tour director based in Australia, has a degree in biblical studies and archaeology, and Anne Marie Brooks, a former tour director turned cruise ship worker in Orlando, has a background in musical theater. More important than education or training: Tour directors must be highly organized, adept at speaking in front of large groups, and people-oriented.

While they might get to spend the night in a nice hotel, the sleep of a tour director is often interrupted. Brooks, who used to lead city tours for high school performance groups, recalled a time when a large group of rowdy, drunk men stayed on the same floor of a hotel as the girls in her group. Although she was staying on a different floor, she received word around 3 a. No other rooms were available, but the hotel agreed to hire a security guard to sit in the hallway for the duration of their stay.

Plus, there's the added challenge of shepherding dozens of people around a city that's unfamiliar to them, which isn't exactly a walk in the park, either. Thompson Cullin and Brooks say they walk so much they burn through three or four pairs of sneakers per year. Suitcases tend to be another casualty of the job. Tour directors have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. So educating herself about potential disasters—and how to deal with them—is part of her pre-trip research.

Working on a cruise ship: Pay, hours, conditions, and secrets

Things can go wrong with the guests, too. A misspelled name could result in the hotel not having any record of a plus person reservation—this once happened to Thompson Cullin—and businesses often forget that large groups are scheduled to come in on any given day. One time, a restaurant she took her group to was understaffed, so she stepped in, grabbed a pitcher of soda and plates of food, and started refilling their glasses and serving them—all while playing it off like she was merely mingling with the group. The job is hard work, but tour directors never let it show. Fortunately, Thompson Cullin was able to fix the hotel reservation error before her guests ever found out about it.

While guests do get separated from the group from time to time, tour directors do their best to avoid it. In addition to holding a flag or umbrella at the front of the line to help guests find their way, they have another trick up their sleeve: Thompson Cullin said part of her job involves playing mediator and preventing disagreements from escalating.

The most extreme example of this is the time when she had to physically break up a fight in the hotel lobby between two women who weren't getting along on her tour. When tensions reached a boiling point, one woman raised her arm to hit the other, but Thompson Cullin arrived in the nick of time.

However, Fields-McArthur says many U.