The Aristocrats Lady (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Historical)

With any luck, the others would have found Contessa by now. He had never met a horse who knew more ways to escape a fenced pasture, or one more determined to do so. Normally his men kept an eye on her, but a new groom had been preoccupied with learning his duties, and the mare had slipped away. Now lightning set shadows in sharp relief, and he saw Lady Amelia shudder. She glanced about as if trying to determine where. What, did she think stables came with gilded chairs or cushioned benches? To John's mind the most likely spot to sit was on an old grain bin along the back wall.

She must have reached the same conclusion, for she went to settle her skirts about her on the bin as if ready to pour tea. She was only being polite. He could not conceive that she would truly wish his company. But he moved closer and convinced himself to sit beside her. Through the musty scent of earth and straw came the incongruous perfume of orange blossoms. Was that the scent of her hair? Surely it was poor manners to bury his nose in the silky-looking tresses as if they were a feed sack.

Yet some part of him was tempted to do just that. In fact, he could feel her least movement, the moment she yawned behind her hand, the shiver that went through her. Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me. The remembered verse demanded his attention.


But he couldn't believe the Lord would answer a prayer half formed. He hadn't answered any of John's prayers since before his brother had died. Still, John pulled his greatcoat from his shoulders and draped it around her. Her fingers, as long and elegant as the rest of her, clutched at the wool as she pulled it closer.

Her sigh of thanks was as soft as a kitten's. Something inside him melted. John lifted his head, turned his back on her and forced himself to march to Magnum's stall. His horse eyed him.

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He sank onto the straw and put his back against the stone wall. Drawing up his knees, he crossed his arms over the top of his chamois breeches. He didn't have to speak with Lady Amelia, tend to her like a nursery maid. He'd play the gentleman and protect her, but nothing more. He'd already had his heart carved from his chest by a beautiful woman who'd claimed allegiance.

He wasn't about to offer the knife to another, even the lovely Lady Amelia. Certainly, she knew it her duty to keep Lord Hascot company, though he had abandoned hers. She tossed out a few polite questions, all of which were met with terse responses from the other stall. She might have thought she had offended him, only he'd been as short with everyone else when she'd visited his farm with Lord Danning a few days ago. Apparently Lord Hascot did not like people nearly as much as he liked his horses.

But one moment she'd been yawning on the grain bin, and the next she was waking up on a bed of straw.

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She frowned at the change and couldn't help wondering how she'd reached this spot. Then the day's events rushed back at her. She'd been at Fern Lodge keeping Mr. Calder busy so her new friend Henrietta Stokely-Trent could chaperone her other new friend Ruby Hollingsford on an outing with their host, Lord Danning. She thought she'd done rather well to follow Mr. Calder's instructions and affix a creature of feather and horsehair he called a fly onto a brass hook and toss it into the river by way of a long, jointed pole.

Calder had forsaken his fishing lesson to search for Henrietta, and Amelia had been disappointed with herself for failing to keep him occupied and away from the courting couple. Her disappointment was nothing to how her mother had reacted. Calder in any regard? We came here for Danning. Lady Wesworth had decided the wealthy earl held promise for her daughter. Amelia had had hopes Lord Danning might have the makings of a good husband.

He was kind, considerate and affable, everything her father was not. It had been rather exciting to be one of three women invited to a house party to determine which was best suited to be his bride. But it was quickly evident that he favored Ruby Hollingsford, and why not? Ruby was outspoken, fearless, bold. Everything Amelia was not. But some of Ruby's boldness must have rubbed off, for Amelia had answered her mother, "I do not intend to marry Lord Danning. If I marry, I will marry for love.

Diamond Girl.

It was truly a fearsome sight, and one Amelia had witnessed only a few times in her life and never with good results. The subsequent argument had so overset Amelia that she'd run for the stable at Fern Lodge, called for Belle and ridden as far and as fast as she could, seeking only escape. Escape from a mother who could not understand. Escape from a father who could not care. Escape from expectations she could not meet. Only when she'd felt the rain cooling her tears had she sought shelter, which was where Lord Hascot had found her.

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She sat up, and his greatcoat slid down her form. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? John's ability to trust vanished when his former love married his twin brother.

Amelia sees John's true nature shine through when he cares for his horses. But the brooding aristocrat seems determined to keep her at arm's length. Little by little Amelia will turn Hollyoak Farm into a home, but can she turn a marriage of convenience into a joyful union? Home for the holidays. A second chance at love on Big Heart Ranch. Holiday on the run…Can they prove her innocence?

DNA technician Dani Jones can't believe she's being framed. But there's no other explanation for the illeg Mountain Ambush Reunions can be deadlyReunions can be deadly. Jamie Hendricks always believed her late father was innocent of murder…and now her uncle cla A witness's life in jeopardy…And he'll blow his cover to protect herAfter one of the at-risk teens she mentors calls her for help, Sierra Monforton witnes A cowboy for Christmas or another year in the Amish Spinster Club?

Nanny Sarah Kuhns has her hands full with kinder, her overbearing brothers and her big d This book will teach you about learning how to get over hardships and to trust God during them. Even when you face difficulties God always seems to find a friend for you. Learn to lean on him and he will provide a wonderful future for you. Aug 28, Margaret Metz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was really excited because I love historical fiction and regencies in particular. There aren't a lot of them out there from a Christian perspective.

Mary Moore is not just a new author to me, but this is her debut effort, and it is wonderful. You know how I love characters and these were awesome! Devlin is much more complicated than his reputation in society would have Nicole believe. This kind of reminds me of the movie Batman Begins because Bruce plays up the idea of being a partying, irresponsible, playboy when he really is fighting for justice. Devlin isn't a vigilante, but he isn't a playboy Lord with no interest in the lower classes either.

Nicole is determined to not be a burden on anyone. She didn't want to make this trip, but since she's here, she's determined not to allow anyone to pity or mollycoddle her. She convinces her family to keep her secret so they can have a "normal" trip. She didn't think it would make a difference anyway Both of them have been hurt by people in the past. So, as the summary says, trust is a serious issue for them. The tension comes from how their secrets and determination not to get involved may cost them their future.

Unlike many romances, there seems to be a real chance this one won't work out - and one of the secrets was an unusual one I haven't seen used this way before. The dialogue was great and there was good romantic tension throughout. This one goes on the list I use to choose favorites of the year. Sep 28, Bhorn36 rated it it was amazing. The reader will fall in love with the hero and heroine from the very first pages.

A mystery shrouds them both as they exchange niceties during a chance meeting on a veranda and the reader will immediately want to know more. It becomes evident from the start that the heroine has a grounded faith in God and wants to live that conviction The Aristocrat's Lady by Mary Moore, published by Harlequin's "Love Inspired Historical" line was one of the most amazing regency books that I have read in years. It becomes evident from the start that the heroine has a grounded faith in God and wants to live that conviction to the fullest.

The hero, though he boasts a certain bravado, is actually more vulnerable than he lets on. A conflict begins to unfold with very soon which throws a possible budding romance off balance and only a love strong enough to endure will prevail. The regency setting adds magic to the moment and the reader will be transported there with the help of generous descriptions. Moore's pages are rich with action and there is never a dull moment in the book. This reader was riveted to this book from the start and practically finished it in one long sitting because she could not put it down.

Grab this book up as soon as you can and find yourself lost in this mesmerizing romance. Can't wait to see who gets the movie rights. Jan 02, Michelle rated it really liked it. I should give this book three stars at the most, but it captured and held my interest through the entire book, so I just had to give it an extra star for that.

The romance in this was great! I loved the whole idea behind the story. I had a friend who got the same handicap after graduating from college and it was very obvious to everyone I am not revealing t Okay, so I had a friend who got the same handicap after graduating from college and it was very obvious to everyone I am not revealing the handicap, but I knew what it was simply by reading the back of the book.

Also, the ending was a bit much for me. Though I'm glad the author did not go down the road I thought she was going down, I don't think Devlin's solution to the problem was very realistic But when a book holds me captured like this book does, it's deserving of a good rating unless there are some really, really bad mistakes - and though the "hidden handicap" was a bad mistake well I just was entertained! I look forward to reading more from this author. This story is set in London during the Regency period. At 23, Lady Nicole Beaumont goes to London after her mother convinces her to go.

She steps outside while at a ball and meets Lord Devlin, an earl and a handsome bachelor. He is intrigued by her and keeps her in the garden for a while in order to further his acquaintance. She declines to tell him and the rest of society of her secret. There is a depth to the main characters and th A great debut!

There is a depth to the main characters and the author does a good job of demonstrating their personal struggles.

The Aristocrat's Lady

A tender and lovely story of faith and trusting in Him. Overall its an enjoyable and touching story. Sep 10, Nicki marked it as to-read.

Can't wait to read this book, it looks really good! Jun 01, Paige rated it it was ok. Check out my review here: View all 4 comments. Jan 02, Eva Hamilton rated it it was amazing Shelves: A super romantic read! Nov 11, Norma Munson rated it it was amazing. So this story truly touched me. I also appreciate that the author avoided the temptation to suddenly 'cure' Nicole.

Unconditional love is the truest blessing and reflects that of the author of life! Jun 25, Caitlyn rated it really liked it. It had some nice light banter. All in all, it was a sweet story about learning to trust others- even though the two MCs were sometimes annoying with the fact that they didn't want to tell the truth to each other bc they were afraid of the reaction of the other. Apr 27, Tashawna rated it liked it Shelves: It kept getting put off for other books, but I'm done it now. I enjoyed this book, for the most part.

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It wasn't real fast-paced, but I don't think I was ever really bored. The romance was fine. There was this one part The went out on a terrace of something and waltzed. It said it was the "most intimate" thing Nicole had ever done with a man, or som my rating: It said it was the "most intimate" thing Nicole had ever done with a man, or something.

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Then they kissed and whatever. And they were supposed to only be friends- they didn't have any commitment to each other.

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Nov 11, Norma Munson rated it it was amazing. I loved the witty banter between the two major characters Let me preface this review by saying that I do not normally read small, mass market paperbacks. She frowned at the change and couldn't help wondering how she'd reached this spot. This story is set in London during the Regency period. But the second half dragged on and on.

But all in all it wasn't a really romance-y novel. Like, not really "mooshey" all the time, or anything. D At first the two were just friends Nicole was a nice character. She had a temper, but not one that was annoying. And she was a real lady. P She was very selfless, which maybe could result in he close relationship with God. This book probably involved God more than many Christian romance books, so that was cool.

But Nicole really shouldn't have had such a friendship with Lord Devlin, since he wasn't a Christian. That is dangerous, especially since they fell in love. He DID come to know God in the end, but that definitely doesn't always happen. Nicole was also not perfect. She kept her disability hidden from Devlin because she didn't trust him But he wasn't the greatest gentleman at one point, and I was happy when he got punched!

D Anyhow, that made him a more realistic character. He had some big faults.