Someone to Run With

In addition Tamar is living and constanlty singing on the streets as a way to be discoverd by performance scouts and be taken where her drug addicted brother is.

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View all 6 comments. Emilie said this book was like being held. Edit Did You Know? Anywhere beautiful will do Morvern Callar. He eventually gives up and knows this outside version of his mothers insides, as a trust. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Legs to run after the dog.

This is especially hard for her because she is a shy girl who only seeks her diary as someone to communicate with. Trevor Jurecka English Excerpt from the book "I will get you out of here; she transmitted the message to him silently, praying he would read her mind. I don't know how, but you'll see, I will get you out, with or against your will, and I will keep you clean and bring you back to what you once were, my brother, my brother.

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However he begins to grow when he meets the dog, Dinka. She forces him to talk to people to search for clues in order to find Tamar. He becomes a focused, more determined person and as he starts running with Dinka, he realizes how badly he misses track, and his passion is re-lit.

Someone to Run With

His life opens up as he is inspired to be more like the person he wishes he could become rather than the one he is. Tamar is similar to Assaf because she too was shy and used her diary as the only way of expressing herself. She transformed into a girl who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes and she fights with power. When that doesn't work, she fights even stronger with nothing stopping her. Overall The overall story was fascinating and I never wanted to put the book down once I began to read it.

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Especially if you are a dog lover, this book will make you want to go home and hug and be thankful for your dog. Also, it made me appreciate what I have and that I need to be grateful. I would definitely encourage someone to read this book and the book has been made into a movie, but since the setting of the book and the author is from Israel, it is in a different language.

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Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. On the other hand, Assaf is a year-old boy who is working on a boring summer job at the City Hall.


Assaf is a clumsy, naive, and very shy boy. One day he was given a job to find the owners of a stray dog. Unsure where to start, Asif decides to follow the lead of the dog. The dog leads to him various people and parts of the city and combining the various clues he gets from them, Assaf learns that the dog belongs to Tamar.

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The rest of the movie deals with how Assaf reunites the dog with Tamar and how Tamar saves herself from the clutches of Pesach. Christopher Farah on Salon.

Variety magazine Ronnie Scheib praised the performances of Bar-Or and Belfer, saying "[they] manage to inject their characters with enough wistfulness, sweetness and compassion to prevent their strength from reading as self-righteousness. Assaf compares his quest to a computer game called Dragonfire: I have been three of them already; only the knight was missing and for a moment it troubled him: Although he doesn't know it, Assaf's knightly quest is for Tamar, former owner of Dinka the dog. She has made a conscious decision to descend into the criminal underworld in order to rescue her brother.

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Passing up a chance to go on tour in Italy with her choir, she takes to the streets and starts singing amid "the smells of the shwarma being cut, and the fat dripping into the fire, the shouts of the vendors in the bazaar above you, and the squeaking accordion of the Russian who perhaps used to be someone just like you, a kid in some conservatory in Moscow or Leningrad".

Her aim is to be spotted by a "talent scout" who will lead her to the gang of thugs, drug-dealers and pick-pockets who control most of the street performers in Israel.

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Someone to Run With (Mishehu Larutz Ito) is a Israeli drama thriller movie directed by Oded Davidoff based on David Grossman's novel of the same name. David Grossman offers exuberant entertainment and an unexpected view of Israel in Someone to Run With.

Tamar finds herself virtually imprisoned in a sinister home for artists, but eventually escapes, only to be pursued by the heavies; Dinka rushes round Jerusalem following the scent of her mistress. Assaf is dragged after her, "adjust[ing] his step to match hers, and filled with warmth at the pleasure of his new synchronicity with her".

He meets up with acquaintances of Tamar, learns a few scraps of information, and becomes fascinated: Every new thing he discovered about her, every little fact, every minor detail, seemed, for some reason, immense to him.