The Vampire Code (The Fiscard Vampires Book 1)

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Obviously this was the worst thing for me. I kept thinking, "Gosh I wish I could change the cover! However, there was one more thing that irritated me I thought the pace and scenes were good throughout the book until the lasts couple of chapters leading up to the epilogue. Things flowed well, then all of a sudden it was like rushing to the finish line.

How fast can we finish this book? The actual last chapter ended in a weird way and then it randomly jumped into the epilogue where we'd fast-forwarded in time two years! It felt like the first chapter of book two, not an epilogue for book one. So, instead of ending it earlier when it would have made more sense, the reader is left with an odd cliffhanger. Though the ending was a little wonky, the book builds to a conclusion that both surprises and delights.

We can't wait to sink our fangs into the next book in the Fiscard series and look forward to learning more about the wonderful characters E. Mar 20, Nadia rated it it was amazing. I love how E. C took a very popular subject Vampires and wrote about it in a way I have never seen done before, this book is such an original. I could not recall one book with the same storyline as this book.

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Aurora is a legal criminal defence lawyer. She is handpicked by the matriarch of the Fiscard family, Ani Fiscard. There this book blew me away! In my mind it made them flawed, but approacheable, because mistakes and wrong decision making is part of being a human, it also made them more realistic characters. For some uknown reason, Ani Fiscard specifically choose Aurora and only her to represent Robert in the Vamppire Court. Aurora and Sebastian embark on a journey never seen before, there are many firsts.

The first human to step a foot inside a Vampire court and defend a vampire. The first time meeting a vampire for Aurora. I aboslutely loved being absorbed into the legal world, that I had knowledge of before, and factor in the vampires into the equation and I was a totally happy camper with this book.

There were never a dull moment, there were so much action, the dangers lurking at every corner, the thrill of finding out the plot of the book. I had absolutely no way of predicting the turns this book took. C took the book? Waauuw, it was a total shocker. The relationship between Aurora and Sebastian is intense and confusing. There are so many things with their relationship, that I hope we get to learn more from in the sequel!

I highly recommend this book. Looking forward to read more from you E. C and thank you for letting me read an early ARC of the book, for my review: May 04, Didi rated it it was ok Shelves: You know that feeling when you're excited about something, waiting for it, anticipating how good it will be? You know that feeling. I had that feeling. I was excited, impatient, gleeful even, about this book.

But I then had another feeling. You know this feeling too. Disappointment, loss, grief, annoyance. A feeling of being let down. That was my experience with The Vampire Code. A promise that was never realized. Enough with the dramatics, hehe! I was very, very disappointed You know that feeling when you're excited about something, waiting for it, anticipating how good it will be?

I was very, very disappointed with this book.

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First off, let me speak of the positive. The premise was good, intriguing even. A society, possibly in our near future where vampires have come forward and proclaimed they do truly exist. And want their rights dammit! They are integrating into mainstream and face issues and problems many minorities before them have faced. The vampire legal system was also interesting.

Almost like watching a game where the audience gets to speak their mind. But aside from that there were so many discrepancies that I found myself constantly questioning things and eventually it got in the way of liking this story. Well, if I'm being honest, the story itself was also kind of boring--sorry. So what kind of discrepancies? For example, vampires are issued a different colored license and therefore when caught speeding are let off the hook. And the reason is that vamps have hightened senses and therefore can manouver without penalty. I had other problems with pacing.

Aurora for example falls for Sebastian. Okay, I can see why. Then all of a sudden towards the end he shares things with her that through me for a loop. A heads up would have been nice. I never saw that coming aside from what was written on the book jacket. Little things like that happening too fast and with next to no build up.

I can't say more or I'll end up giving the book away but I felt surprised most of the time and feeling like things were moving unbelievably fast--or at least seemed that way because there was no " building. Anyways, this wasn't bad per se, but I felt very deflated by the end.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. E.C. Adams is a mother, a wife, and a lawyer . She lives on The Vampire Code (The Fiscard Vampires Book 1) Kindle Edition. by. The Vampire Code (The Fiscard Vampires) (Volume 1) [E.C. Adams] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a United States where vampires.

I won't be continuing this series. But others have liked it so if you're on the fence, read it for yourself and decide, that's the beauty of reading and finding what you like.

Jun 24, Kelly rated it really liked it. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. The Vampire Code is the story of Aurora, a young lawyer whose life changes after she is chosen to represent a vampire accused of murder. She is excited to be the first human to practice in Vampire Court, but soon finds herself embroiled in a life that is completely different from anything she could have anticipated when she met Sebastian Fiscard. Adams does a great job describing the personality of Aurora.

She is the I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. She is the type of lawyer that I would want defending me in court! I enjoyed her interaction with the jury in Vampire Court and liked how she was such a strong female character. Aurora was extremely believable in her actions as she adjusted to perilous situations that would have weakened the meek. Sebastian in my mind was just a total hunk and he seemed extremely caring in the way he watched over Aurora even before either expressed their feelings for each other.

I would have liked for him to have been a little more affectionate with Aurora at the beginning of the story, just so I could have understood why she fell so quickly in love with him. But you know what, who wouldn't want to fall in love with a gorgeous vampire like Sebastian! Vampire Code had a great supporting cast. I fell in love with Sebastian's mother, Ani, and would definitely want her watching after me! I loved Sebastian's brother, Alexander, and thought he added some great comic relief to the story.

The scariest character had to be Sebastian's sister, Hespera. She scared me to my core and is not a woman I would want to cross! The second half of The Vampire Code was my favorite part as it was full of action. I was continually surprised by situations that I did not see coming and that kept me reading late into the night.

Adams had quite a few tricks up her sleeve with this novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I definitely recommend The Vampire Code and look forward to reading her sequel. Vampires, lawyers, busy cities, and sex I liked this book a lot, it featured a very strong minded woman told in her point of view named Aurora Lake. She's a lawyer that practices law in the Manhattan area, and the book starts out with her being hired by Sebastian Fiscard to represent his brother Robert, who was wrongly accused of killing a human when it was in fact Roberts fledgling vampire wife Trish.

By fledgling, it means a vampire that has not yet reached their second year since t Vampires, lawyers, busy cities, and sex By fledgling, it means a vampire that has not yet reached their second year since they were turned, and since Trish is under the care of her husband, any thing she does during this time period means he's held responsible. Pretty clever idea thought up by the author, I thought. Adams even thought up a new version of the KKK — only this time the clan is against vampires and the integration.

The very cool, laid-back, collected, handsome vampire. He's definitely the type of guy that would make your toes curl by his words alone, and I would love to find myself lost and alone with him in a dark alley.

The Vampire Code

Kind of like how Aurora found herself, wrapped tightly in his embrace as they were chased from the catacombs of the Vampire Repository. They were there to acquire a book that would give them the leverage they needed to win Robert's case, but someone who obviously hates vampires and integration didn't want this to happen. She's a very old vampire and wields the gift of being a clairvoyant. It seems she's seen a great deal of what's to become of Aurora's future, but how it all plays out, especially when we find out about her mothers background You'll just have to see!!!

Vampires and witches are too fun to read, and I can't wait to see what happens with the next installment of this series! I also hope that Hespera gets what she deserves from Aurora or Allegra! Apr 16, Katya rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Great characters, dialogue which helps the story float along connecting each scene to another. Surprises, intrigue, descriptions of violence and action which grabs a hold of you. This book has a great pace to it and you find that you like and can picture the characters in your head with such clarity. The story flows and you go along for the ride. Vampires, people who have existed a long time, witches, magic and special gifts all play a part in this story of law, ethics, intrigue, dang 4.

Vampires, people who have existed a long time, witches, magic and special gifts all play a part in this story of law, ethics, intrigue, danger and romance. A vampire who lives by the Code his people have put in place to protect them by forcing them to live by a set of laws and standards. Aurora is asked by Sebastian to defend his brother, who is being charged with murder of a human being But the court scene is so brilliant. I had no idea how she would work this out. I think using the code, laws as the basis for this story is a perfect way to examine ethics as it applies to two different societies.

I felt the romance between Aurora and Sebastian was sometimes a little cool. I think because I was never really sure what Sebastian was thinking and I personally like a little more angst in my romances, but their declarations to one another and themselves was touching and so sweet. They are a perfect couple. This book is set up for a wonderful book 2. I look forward to reading it. A suspenseful, interesting, romance that flows from page to page and hard to put down.

Definitely worth the read. Aurora Lake is an attorney being asked to represent a vampire in the vampire court which would be a first. She is very intrigued by the idea yet would like to know more about this. Sebastian Fiscard doesn't really know why he's asking this human to represent his brother in court but knows that he can't refuse his mother's request. Aurora asks to see documents that will help Robert's case Sebastian tells her he'll see what he can do.

When Sebastian and Aurora are attacked while pursuing this know Aurora Lake is an attorney being asked to represent a vampire in the vampire court which would be a first. When Sebastian and Aurora are attacked while pursuing this knowledge. They seek refuge at Alexander Rebuens place. Alex tries to get under both Aurora and Sebastian's skin but neither fall for it because they love each other. Aurora tries to go back to her life but sh can't forget Sebastian. Aurora receives a surprising visitor that shakes her to the core.

Can Aurora clear Robert's name? Will Aurora and Sebastien admit their love? Who is Aurora's vistor? Your answers await you in The Vampire Code. I received The Vampire Code as part of traveling book read. I'm really happy to have participated in this fun and exciting idea. I found the idea of vampires in this book very intriguing because they've only recently came out to the worldwide public.

I thought Aurora's role in becoming a vital part of vampire community. For a debut novel, it was witty, interesting, and mysterious which are all elements of a great novel. I look forward to the next installment in the series. May 14, Liz rated it really liked it. Sebastian and Aurora don't do the "love-at-first-sight" thing that happens in too m This book really surprised me!

Apr 05, Tanya Johnson rated it really liked it. Aurora Lake is a lawyer who accepts to take on a case for a vampire wrongly accused of murder; hired by his brother Sebastian. During all of this, Sebastian is the one who is always there protecting her making sure that nothing harmful comes to her. Afterwards Aurora learns that she is cursed and the only way to break this curse is to have a baby and Sebastian still wants to do whatever he can do to protect her.

Right from the very first chapter I was drawn into the story; the whole human lawyer representing a vampire, human-vampire love story, and everything that happens around them. D I thought the story moved along great, enough action to keep it interesting and of course there is the love story aspect of the book. I am looking forward to the next book to see what happens with Aurora, Sebastian and everyone else ; May 18, Ty rated it it was amazing.

I only rate books if they deserve 5 stars, and The Vampire Code more than earned them. Every time you think you know where the story is going, you are proven wrong!!!! I also LOVED the world in which the story was set - a glamorous New York in which vampires are pushing for more legal and social rights - very original and very clever, without distracting from the main story concerning the I only rate books if they deserve 5 stars, and The Vampire Code more than earned them. I also LOVED the world in which the story was set - a glamorous New York in which vampires are pushing for more legal and social rights - very original and very clever, without distracting from the main story concerning the trial and Aurora and Sebastian's budding romance.

When Aurora and Sebastian are together, it's magical, but it's not an easy romance, especially in the world they live in, and they both resist it until the very end. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys vampire stories, paranormal romance, fantasy, magic and thrillers, especially legal thrillers in this case - with a twist.

Looking forward to reading Book 2. I wish it were already available!!!

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Oct 04, Dena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review to come Here goes I enjoyed the story! I thought it was creatively written and couldn't wait to find out what happened. The suspense was constant and there were so many different plot twist that I was constantly surprised. This is why I gave it 5 stars!! Aurora I didn't care for because she was naive, ignorant regarding communication and she had no moral compass.

I hoped throughout the book that she would change but it didn't happen and she further fell down the rabbit hole. Sebastian Review to come Here goes Sebastian seemed unemotional for most of the book. Even though he professed his love he seemed detached and melancholy for the most part. I mean he didn't take a protective stance against anything other than Hespera villainess and his precious vampire family, code etc. I was really disappointed in his character. Overall the story made me want to continue and I gladly did with no hesitation.

May 06, Annemarien Faraminan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Let me start by explaining that I am an avid young adult reader and The Vampire Code is the first ADULT book that I was able to read and feel that it was fresh and interesting without getting to be boring. Adams made the perfect book for me. I could relate to the main character feelings and views. I will be recommending the book to everyone I know. Jul 26, Alicia rated it really liked it. I read this book as part or a traveling book experience at first I worried that I would never be able to finish in five days but as it turns out the book was amazing and I couldn't put it down.

I do wish the book explained more about the vampire lore such as daylight and the graveyard at the repository and even explination about the wars and families and how it all came about. But all in all I fell in love with the characters and couldn't wait for them to find their happy endings. Jun 06, Venture rated it it was amazing. A wonderful story that takes vampires in a new direction. Vampires are trying to be part of society. They ask a human lawyer to defend a vanpire at vampire court.

I won't give away any spoilers Feb 21, Elise rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 21, Tommeh Bell rated it it was ok Shelves: Aurora Lake is the newest hot shot lawyer in New York City. Defending the wicked from justice while smiling for the camera is the life she loves living. Until Sebastian Fiscard walks through her door.

His brother, the vampire Robert Fiscard stands accused of murdering a human. Aurora is the lawyer they want to represent him in vampire court. She is the first human invited to take a peek into the secretive proceedings of the newly outed vampires. Not everyone is happy with this ar The Nitty Gritty: Not everyone is happy with this arrangement. Between the fear of getting drained and the fear or getting shot by human extremists Aurora has her hands full, but if the sexy vampire turned bodyguard Sebastian has anything to say about it Aurora will have only one thing on her mind. Any true Grisham fan would love to get a peek into a vampire court.

I am no exception. I was happy to see that it was literally all cloaks and daggers. Well no daggers, but handguns were present. That was enough for me. When she was in her power suit and in court Aurora was one tough cookie. I would certainly want her on my side if I ever got into trouble. She was tough, took no prisoners and held her ground. It made her a great and competent lawyer. For all the build up of the trial it was a relatively short procedure.

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I just cannot find anything on the Web resembling what I am looking for - the details I have are too vague to conduct a proper search, which leaves me wading through an immense amount of irrelevant data. You know this feeling too. Surprises, intrigue, descriptions of violence and action which grabs a hold of you. I rate this book as at least 5 stars because it blew me away! Unusual circumstances make them fall into each others arms- little did Sebastian know that Aurora would change his life too. Give me faires of give me death shall be etched on my tombstone, but I hate the obituary throwing in of the fantasy elements. Sebastian serves the Council and is a member is the First four hundred- the largest and strongest Vampire covens.

I expected it to last at least the entire chapter, but it felt like the trial was the backdrop to the rest of the story when the novel blurb made it out to be the central part of the plot. I am still reeling over the plot twist of Aurora's past. I am a fantasy junkie. Give me faires of give me death shall be etched on my tombstone, but I hate the obituary throwing in of the fantasy elements. The element felt obtuse and forced. And if left me completely confused. I mean it was so fast I had to go back and reread to make sure I had actually read what I read. Not sure if this is still a book about vampires or even about Aurora.

There are a lot of exclamation points in this book and I'm not entirely sure why. I have never been a fan of using exclamation points just for the sake of using them. The romance seemed a little force. I didn't that build up to a great romance that I was looking for. It was like one minute she hated Sebastian the next she wanted to take him down to the floor and have her way with him.

I don't know it it was the pacing or what, but it didn't feel real to me. I may read the second book of this series just to see if the confusion is cleared up.

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Depending on how I feel that day. Adams This review is posted at both Amazon and Goodreads. Sebastian, a vampire, request Counselor Aurora Lake, a human, to represent his vampire brother in a murder trial which the victim was human. This trial is to take place in Vampire Court which no human has every stepped foot in. As Aurora and Sebastian work together on creating a defense for his brother Aurora is drawn to Sebastian. There are two plot lines in this story. The first and main is Aurora and Sebastian's love story.

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The second is the internal war taking place in the vampire community. One faction, which Sebastian belongs to, is for the integration of vampires with human society while the other vampire faction wants things to remain status quo. What I liked about this story was how the romance between Aurora and Sebastian happened over time. You see Aurora struggle with her attraction to Sebastian. In so many young adult books the main couple take one look at each other and they fall immediately in love. What I did not like was half way through the story the plot became rushed. The author tried to cram some much story in too little story length.

I thought the Twilight series did this too. Also, I personally would have liked the plot of the internal vampire war to have been told in more depth. I wish I could recommend this book but based on this one story I just cannot.