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Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests. The Jane Austen Annotated Editions. She strikes a deft balance between information and analysis in her notes and with supporting documents that lend historical depth to the edition, while also linking the narrative to popular culture… With this edition, readers will want to stay with these characters for as long as possible. This handsome edition is all the richer for it. Its rich illustrations range from frontispieces and portraits to caricatures and Regency fashion plates, including a fine one for the Beaver Hat.

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Page layout is double-columned, with the novel text occupying the inner column, and commentary, annotation and graphic illustration tucked around it, cosseting and adorning it, in a gesture akin to the medieval art of illumination. And his preface firmly places the novel in the events of its setting, especially the Napoleonic Wars which Austen never overtly refers to.

The beauty of this book is the lovely pictures, such as fashion plates, naval scenes, sketches of Bath, and illustrations from various editions of the novel. This volume should please all readers, from those reading Persuasion for the first time to seasoned Austen scholars. The volume has been generating a lot of excitement in both scholarly and popular Austen circles, and rightly so!

Larson, Choice …and for Pride and Prejudice: Literary Biography and Autobiography Browse: A New York Times feature on the entrenched poverty of increasing numbers of American workers highlighted the research of Evelyn Nakano Glenn in Forced to Care , noting the many Americans who work in the service sector for dismally low wages but whose additional, off-the-books service to ailing or aging loved ones goes unrecognized and unsupported. Julian Jackson on Charles de Gaulle Julian Jackson has written the definitive biography of the mythic general who refused to accept the Nazi domination of France.

Also it has the longest pier in the world at 1. So much for Southend. I think the smell of the mud is all about the rich nutrients in the marshes and waters of the estuary and it is probably an ecologists dream, just not Emmas. The fish must feed well in that smelly estuary!!!!!!!! If ever you go there the jellied eels are fantastic and the cockles and mussels but be warned.

I ate a pint of cockles in Southend once and was promptly sick in the train on the way back to London. It took a couple of days to recover. Thank you for this wonderful review. I now very much want to get this book. But I must tell you, and I may be weird or something, but Emma has always been my favourite book. Well, because I am like her in many ways, particularly the clueless bit!

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From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen's Emma that makes her beloved tale of an endearingly. Emma, perhaps the most technically accomplished of all of Austen's novels, is also, after Pride and Prejudice, her most popular one. Its numerous film and.

I had always thought that because of Mr. It would not, admittedly, be on the equal companionship terms of their singleness, but along the same terms as Miss Bates and Mrs. Goddard were on with Mr. Woodhouse of being invited to come after dinner and on morning visits, but not in the same social rank. She might well have consulted Harriet on parish charity business, as well, as being one of the highest-ranking of the non-gentry in the parish, and therefore more in tune with the needs of the lower classes.

Yes, they were removed from the same social sphere, but they hardly need have lost one another as friends, so long as both would have understood the altered terms of friendship. But Miss Bates was a gentlewoman, though she was poor.

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He may well be richer than Miss Bates but in that society he was not her social equal. A Pride and Prejudice Story. The maps are quite as informative as the clarifications and illustrations. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Knightely as a guide — how could she go wrong?! The story unfolds in and around the rural village of Highbury—a fictional site in Surrey, Tandon points out, that stands in for no real place, as its various distances from locations mentioned in the novel conflict with one another.

Robert Martin is a farmer and works for his living. He may well be richer than Miss Bates but in that society he was not her social equal. We often love people as much for their flaws as for their more perfect traits. Thanks for this, Vic. Like Kathleen, Emma has always been a favorite of mine.

I think her cluelessness is simply a result of inexperience and immaturity which ultimately would be replaced with empathy and generosity of spirit as Emma blossomed under the loving support of Mr. He being my favorite leading man in literature. Perhaps this new annotated edition will win more fans for Emma.

Thank you for reviewing it. Glad to hear someone else has always liked Emma! We named our second daughter Emma, but for two relatives, one on each side, but still, it makes me happy all the time! And yes, I have always imagined that Emma matured into a wise, gentle, and loving woman, who looked back on her youth with fond memories of her cluelessness, always letting it be a lesson to her in her mature years, and something she could laugh about.

Emma is not one of my favorite Austen works. I may indeed revise my opinion after reading this version. Thanks for pointing this one out to us. As you know, tea under the teacups with like minded people makes for a lovely afternoon.

The Annotated Emma

Kathleen, I absolutely agree that Emma looked back on her youthful mistakes as a lesson learned. How lovely to have your own Emma! Thank you for your comment. Vic, Thanks so much for letting us know about Emma annotated and edited by David Shapard. A very enticing review! I am always so glad to be informed of the latest editions on your blog. I went right out and purchased it that day. It is a beautiful book!

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I loved it so much I bought all the other annotated Jane Austen novels by Shapard. I also have the annotated books from Harvard Press. They are wonderful coffee table books. To nice to leave the house. The Shapard books are just as special, but still a nice enough size to travel with. Thanks for keeping us in the know: Mine was so close to hers that I had to rewrite it. So for your enjoyment…here are our two […].

Nice to see he put in the spoiler warnings. Like some others here, I did not like Emma when I first read it at school. I later learned to love JA through the aptly named Persuasion, and now I can say that Emma and Mansfield Park are my favourites of her books. I always chuckle when Mr Knightly declares that he has been in love with Emma since she was thirteen, and wonder how such a declaration might be received in a modern novel.

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