Dirty Double- The Bondage of Bastet and Greed (Dirty Doubles Book 9)

Watching him, all things were right again, and all troubles would fade and be forgotten. Dazhbog released his girls and reached to her. Sweet words waited on his tongue, a sweet kiss waited on his mouth. Trouble which would not be forgotten. Could she leave this behind? He was gentle, warm, kind, cheerful, bright, and had not wronged her or their daughters once. But had she been? And she would have loved him. And the eons that followed, of joy, of hardship, of anger and sorrow and love and contentment, could not possibly have been false. You have every right to feel hurt and confused and betrayed by this.

And then… — She took in a breath. The words drifted like the fading final refrain. Birds chirped, branches groaned, and leaves rustled. It was going to be over, and the rest of the world was forging onward with its rolling, indifferent gait. Surely there was just enough space for one last kiss, to seal their happiness before it was lost forever to yearning dreams and unvoiced longing?

And if not… would it be so bad if he were to witness it? Or… would it be so bad to be caught and punished? After all, he would see nothing but this last token, this one gentle defiance. The rest would be theirs. There were more important things than happiness. There were more important things than closure.

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They had both agreed on this at the very beginning. A tattoo drummed against the queen from within. Lord Creator, let her not be. Pizamar could not turn her away and the suffering would be too deep, too wide. An acceptance of the pain that was to be inflicted. Trust that it would be nothing but necessary. Their fingers slipped from each other. The queen turned away, and did not turn back. Could not turn back. Thunder roared out of the crater, over the smoking scar in the forestry around them.

Birds flocked into the air, frantic wingbeats rustling like leaves. Groaning and creaking and cracking from ruined trees offered a wan retort to the demand still crackling in the sky. The rumbling echo rolled and pulsed and faded. Thunder roared out of the crater again. Around, an unfamiliar forest. That crater… it was likely some kind of trick, a trap. Created to confuse and mislead.

The deceitful lord of grain had a twisty mind, which bore twisty thoughts. Perun had to fight fire with fire. He had to think like him. His voice, whispering like a field of grain bowing before the wind. Suddenly, a tree crackled and blackened as fire danced upon it. A young buck lay twitching and spasming. The thunder rolled away again, leaving only the fire cheerfully babbling.

The hunt was still on. That is most unambiguously a hart. That is… it was. Now it is venison. I find myself hungry for her venison. Perhaps she will see fit to grant me some. It will be a fine feast! And you will get nothing but bones! Let us do away with banter for a moment. Did you understand my second meaning there? Forgive me… I just needed to clarify. I was… in disbelief at the… the… full measure of the simplicity of your thoughts. There was no mistaking it. This was no stag. These were hurried footsteps, heading straight towards him. He would lead him on, making him think that he had the upper hand.

And then he would whirl at the very last moment. Or perhaps about to cry? It was in her voice. Another hailstorm of palms and pads of fists. It was too much. All he could do was hope his hands would deflect most of the confusion. He found his arms and enfolded her. She buried her face in his chest and settled into his hug, trembling with her sobs. He pulled the quiet about him like a thick cloud. It was being… difficult. Moreso than usual, that was. He had been gone? What language was the sky speaking?

It was once an eon Moshka needed this from him. He would do this, and he would do it well. Milky white drifted across the bright, clear blue. Damp winds carried the scent of dewed blooms. Chirping and chattering, bellows and whispers, tentatively began to drift through the air. Nearby, hearthfires chattered to him like the prickling of hair standing on end.

The voice, while as low and whispery as ever, was very near now, rolling down the sides of the crater. Mokosh lifted her face. More tears rolled down her cheeks, but low, helpless laughter choked through a throat still constricted by sobs. I will be answering them now. An elbow was offered to her. The bright one smiled with the graceful bow-like curve of a tern in flight, with the edges of new spring trailing the tips of its wings. Strands of sunlight fanned over summer-lake blue, and the aroma of cool, clean dawn dew rolled over her.

What ought we call our guide, besides a blessing of good fortune? Lord Byelobog relies too much on his looks. Make him work for it. Alarm flew across the Twisted Aspen. Mokosits reached out and seized the alarm, settling it quickly.

You did nothing wrong, my girl. It gets better, I promise. At the corner, the dark one swelled up from his crouch. He stepped around, feet padding around and dark eyes pinning her from beneath a dark, heavy brow. Close heat followed him, brushing over her skin, leaving behind the lingering scent of damp, dark night and hints of musk mingled with soil. Mischief curled one corner of his mustache. Mokukas drifted forth further counsel. He intends to kiss your knuckles, Yesushka. If you want to let him, it would not be unseemly. Or you could make him wait. It was a tug, slight, half-teasing, and uninsistent.

Ask him his name, Mokukas advised. Amusement carried over like a low, dark chuckle. Bright approval and pleased surprise brushed over like a snowy whirlwind. You are a natural! A corner of a dark brow twitched up, and amusement curled the mischief further, sparking intrigue in black eyes. A feeling like the flickering of quickened breath pattered at her ribs; a feeling like the settling of bone seized her throat.

Chernobog straightened, looking sidelong at Byelobog. Quickly, he returned his attention, quirked a smile, and held out his hand, palm up. Chernbog narrowed his eyes at the bright one and turned, moving to offer an elbow. Where was it we were supposed to be going? Realization struck, a strange warmth which felt like delight but did not divert her pounding heart or her catching breath. But it will not take much to get them there. A dry chuckle rasped. You seem very confused. Triple-headed vigorous agreement met her.

And then a shadow swelled, inviting. Did you want to hide it? A heart, thrashing and fluttering as if attempting to escape with broken wings. Hiding in the dark, closed warmth, to beat itself into broken, exhausted pieces. Instead, she grabbed at the sparked fire and held it close. Golden sun-warmed hugfeeling enveloped her. Something warm and dark and looming brushed at either side, accepting and watchful.

An idea streaked out, bright and hot and sudden. More passed back and forth through the aspen, just as quick. Hearth air swallowed them, and thick layers of food-scent filled them. Before them, hooks lined the wall and boot-shelves lined the floor. You are most gracious. Lady Mokosh was generous enough to let us borrow her cottage; she will be here shortly with the Lords Perun and Veles.

Meanwhile… — She turned back to face them, allowing herself as slight a smile she could bear. Chernobog tilted his head. Eventually his response came. Ah… What were we… Right. Sashukas shone his approval. Yesen sent him her smile. Another billow of shadow drifted. You should see what other kinds of ridiculous things you can get them to do.

It will be hilarious. Mokukas leaned a thought through the aspen. Now I almost feel bad for them. Baldur and Odin came to Bakersfield, escorted by Skadi. The Aesir held a great feast celebreating their safe return. Frigg immediately went out to renew the oaths that all things in the world had made to never harm Baldur. One day, during a family dinner, Ruben grew increasingly irritable and agitated. MaMa managed to successfully overcome Captain Maria, who called to Ken for help.

He appeared right away, just in time for Captain Maria to pass out from her wounds. Morevuka immediately offered her healing services; and once healed Captain Maria updated Ken on what was happening and asked him to get the governer to safety. They all gathered together in short order, quickly laid out a plan, and started forth on solving the problem. Morevuka updated Ken on all these events.

Ken found the governer well protected and none the wiser. She quickly sent word out to the rest of her staff to do the same. He went back to Captain Maria to keep apprised of the situation. Galen, on the other hand, sat down and talked with Isaiah Tooley and his followers.

They threw down their weapons and returned some hours later, led by Galen, intent on redeeming themselves through community service. He tried the indirect approach, asking her if anything unusual happened in the last year or so. Ginger insisted that everything was normal. Then he attempted another tack: She began speaking about field trips, one in particular to the Razorbacks. Ken pointed out that the Razorbacks are a long way away… Ginger insisted she knew a shortcut.

Ken thanked her for telling the truth and dismissed himself briefly. He proceeded from there to Morevuka and shouted and cussed and stomped around. Morevuka served him tea and a muffin. He left them untouched. That taken care of, he went to the Mother of the Lost to ask for advice on disciplining Ginger. He stated he was still too angry to think of an appropriate consequence — but he knew that he was never going to let her out of his sight again. The Mother of the Lost expressed that was enough of a consequence for Ginger. Finally, Ken returned to Ginger and asked her why she stole his powers.

She mentioned how she really wanted them for a long time, because all the cool people who have them get to go places and do things. Eventually it surfaced that this was partly about feeling powerless when Gianna was wounded. The dark earth beckoned Morevuka away to the World, to a secluded, thick, shady forest that was utterly silent and still as if it were frozen in time. Meanwhile, Ken and Ginger were mucking about Bakersfield when Ken sensed a new, strange pathway.

It was not insistent, but it was very odd, a powerful impression that was at once familiar and entirely foreign. The first thing Ken did was go to the Mother of the Lost to ask her if she knew anything about it. Though it is difficult to ignore, She-Who-Hungers need only wait until dawn before the hunger begins to wane. One evening, however, it was too much to ignore.

She-Who-Hungers looked upon Bakersfield and the people there and knew she would soon be lost to her hunger. In desperation, she shaped a new Bakersfield, one which looked the same but was utterly emptied of people, appearing as if it had been abandoned, in the hopes that she would wander lost within it, guided by neither lantern light nor moon nor stars, until dawn came.

It was not enough. She-Who-Hungers, though unable to leave, saw that there was nothing around to eat and cast the emptiness out like a net and drew it to herself. Young children felt this call most keenly and journeyed to and through the many doors that led to Elsewhere, and wandered the empty streets at the bidding of their searching hunger. Among these children were Summer and Leliana. They recognized the dark, oily shadows around them and knew that something was amiss. So Summer called to her fellows with a voice like young spring thunder, breaking them of their trance, and Leliana lit the way with hair of fire to guide them to her.

Together they traversed Bakersfield, seeking the lost children. When they had found them all, Leliana called upon her peerless memory to return to the door that had taken them there in the first place. But the shadows were growing thicker. They had been found, and were being pursued. Meanwhile, the waters spoke to Galen of something deeply wrong.

He sought his brothers, and the three of them conferred about what to do. Ruben knew that they should seek the Drowned King, but knew not why. Galen knew that there was something strange afoot with She-Who-Hungers, but knew not what. And Senbast was drawn somewhere, but knew not exactly where. So the three of them started by seeking an audience with the Drowned King in the Castle Under the Sea. Indeed, when they told him of their presentiments, he heeded them — it was a new moon evening and his wife had been out of the castle for some time.

He strapped on his boots of soil and followed the brothers to Bakersfield, where Senbast led them to the door. There the lost children were gathered. Summer and Leliana stepped through not long after, and, seeing their brothers, told them what had happened. The Drowned King stepped boldly forth into Elsewhere and lured She-Who-Hungers back to the Castle Under the Sea with his blood, where he kept her until dawn when she returned to herself. So Ken and Ginger awaited dawn before approaching She-Who-Hungers, and he offered to make it harder for hapless wanderers to simply wander into Elsewhere.

He also offered to close the doors utterly to Elsewhere to She-Who-Hungers. She-Who-Hungers, though uneasy about the thought of Elsewhere, declined the offer — after all, if others were safe, it would be a good place for her to go when she was overcome by hunger. So, together Ken and Ginger sought all the doors to Elsewhere in Bakersfield and made it so that there would be a greater chance the door would send them somewhere else.

And then she grew some tea and gave it to Svantovit. He was already ready with a fresh muffin for her. When Star-Bringer learned of these occurrences, she first ensured that everyone had made it out safe and then gave her liquid moonlight to She-Who-Hungers, who was grateful. Ken talked to Ginger about responsible pranking: Thor was amused, but it was clear that Ginger had been caught making mischief.

Ken told Ginger that in these cases he would ask the pranked party what was a fair consequence and she would have to do that. As a result, Ginger scrubbed the floors of the Aesir festhall every morning and every night for a week. True to form, Ken asked her what consequence she thought appropriate. Sekhmet stated that execution was most appropriate. Ken negotiated her down from that, and eventually Sekhmet was willing to settle for the severing of the hand which did the deed. Ken asked Ginger if she thought that was fair.

He asked her if she had any better ideas. She was at a complete loss, unused to punishing herself. In a panic, Ginger was ready to run — but Ken opened a pathway from her mind to his and told her that it was going to hurt but promised it would not be permanent. Ginger decided to trust Ken and presented him with her left hand, which he promptly severed with a clean cut from his ax.

Satisfied, Sekhmet returned to Meten-Khai-Ra with her trophy, and Ken immediately brought Ginger to Angel, who had already been warned by Morevuka to set down her book and wine. They also talked about the music of the world. Ginger was calmed down considerably after this, but noticeably subdued for the next few days.

Ken approached her later and they discussed what had happened. He wanted to make it clear that he did this not because he was being mean but because he was afraid of what would happen to Ginger if he had let Sekhmet chop her hand off. Ginger said that she knew. He asked how she was doing. Ginger said that she was doing okay, but that she would never go to Meten-Khai-Ra ever again.

She admonished Ginger about pulling pranks on deities she knew nothing about, especially when there were different values at play. So in the hopes that Ginger would choose her targets with a more discerning eye, she gave Ginger a book about the gods. As Morevuka sat in the Twisted Aspen, she heard a familiar voice carry through the buildings and walls of Bakersfield. And then there was the sound of blazing fire, and a loud explosion.

From there, Angela — Fury — went to Danmairge. When she saw it was Fury, however, she pulled up short. The two of them stared at each other for a while. And then the Swan Maiden flying tackle hugged Fury with a vengeance. Morevuka sent a shadow wolf to Fury to ask who she wanted to know she was back. The Swan Maiden shortly began cooking. That done, Morevuka popped over to Danmairge and offered Fury a cigarette. Fury, who had not smoked in years, hesitated. Although this familiar ritual was comforting and comfortable, Fury quickly found that smoking alone had lost its appeal. In short order, the Found flocked to Danmairge.

Sun-Bearer promptly reestablished fandom time in the Castle Under the Sea.

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She began to cry, for the first time in nearly 20 years. Seeing that she was embarrassed, the Swan Maiden ushered her to a private room for a little while. After Svarozhich had settled into his hollow to sleep, Yesen visited him in his dreams and began to give him a full report of all the things that happened while he was gone.

He agreed, and they bound them to him with a geas. Ken and Ginger were nowhere to be found for the week surrounding the time the Tuatha were marching off to war. A year and a day later, their Fate came upon them. Lugh and Nuada returned to find their kin in war, and immediately joined the fray. Set reported that all he remembers is being surrounded by impenatrable darkness.

He sought it and sought a way out. From there he traveled many days and many nights in search of the rest of the Netjer. Star-Bringer asked if he saw Horus or Osiris. Set said he did not look: In regards to Set, there was something very menacing about his turbulent, ever-shifting visage, but also a strong sense of guardianship and pride in his ability to protect. Sun-Bearer was unsure about how to feel about Set, given this insight. Star-Bringer then went to visit Morevuka in the Twisted Aspen. Morevuka brought out tea to hear her out.

After some discussion, Morevuka said that she would ask her boss if she could do this and also inform Ken that Star-Bringer wanted his help. Ken returned upon being asked for help with Ginger and asked how he could be of service. From there Star-Bringer and Ken began to gather more information about Apep. They sought Bastet first. However, he offered to use his Path Magic to seek Osiris and Horus intead. He also prompted Sun-Bearer and Star-Bringer to come up with a list of rules and clear boundaries for Ginger.

This proved no problem whatsoever. Sun-Bearer is good at rules and boundaries, and Star-Bringer found nothing objectionable about them. Ken arranged with the Drowned King to be an emergency daytime babysitter in case Ginger broke the rules. Both seemed utterly confident that he would return. Before Ken left, Morevuka gave him a shadow wolf to carry in his pocket so that she could check in on him weekly, and facilitated a mind link between him and Ginger so they could keep in touch whenever they wanted.

Star-Bringer sought the other Netjer and asked them for help or blessings. Blessings were given for that was the politically correct thing to do for someone who was seeking their king. At a family dinner, Fury brought up an encounter she had with Ares. He had sought her for retribution; he wanted her to kill Adonis for fathering a child on Aphrodite. From there Fury laid the consequences out further for Ares.

She surmised that, in her grief at the loss of the father of her young child, Aphrodite may not wish to see Ares anymore regardless. At this thought, Ares balked and withdrew his request. Star-Bringer, thoroughly impressed, congratulated Fury on standing up to Ares and making him think, and then after consulting the Swan Maiden about what would be an appropriate gift invited her to dinner.

Surprisingly, Ginger found Sun-Bearer very easy to communicate with. His clear boundaries were easy to follow, and he was very firm about them which offered her a sense of comfort and security. Every night they ate dinner together and discussed their day, and then Ginger would tell him and Star-Bringer if she was around about her plans for the next day.

Before Sun-Bearer left, he heated a soft animal skin water bottle between his hands to help Ginger. After being updated via mind link, Ken challenged Ginger to find two alternatives to hiding her birthday and suggested that she talk to people about being old so she can get an idea for the consequences of never getting older.

At the next Found family dinner, Ginger asked Dovile what it was like being old. She got a mostly positive response, which was very heartening to Ginger. She began to seriously consider some alternatives to hiding her birthday. Really pleased how well this fostering arrangement was working out, Star-Bringer approached her husband again about having children. After some discussion, they decided that they would wait until the effects of Osiris and Horus coming back — if they were to come back at all — were over and the Netjer stabilized once again.

After emerging from her intel reporting to Lord Father Svarozhich via his dream, Yesen proceeded to spend every following Emotion-Having Tuesday getting angry and throwing things. Yesen began to spend increasingly more time in dreamland. She took him up on it. At a family dinner, Ruben mentioned that the Teotl had arranged a marriage between him and Eloisa Cruz on his twentieth birthday.

Concerned, Star-Bringer checked to ensure that Ruben was okay with marrying for politics rather than for love. He laid out the points for her:. Along those lines, Eloisa has approached him about hanging out on a regular basis, because she intends to get to know her fiance. She requested an audience with her. She asked Star-Bringer if she could shed a tear for Baldur, or for a family losing their most beloved member, a son his father, a wife her husband, a mother her son, a people their sunlight and joy. Star-Bringer could not help but oblige and asked if she could assist further.

Star-Bringer offered her encouragement before she went on her way. Eventually, Frigg went to Morevuka and asked the same of her. Dobrozhe was happy to lend his sadness and empathy to Dovile and Yesen. Morevuka asked Ken on behalf of Frigg, who offered some of his own tears for her. Humbly, Frigg thanked them and continued on her journey. With the death of Baldur, the Aesir had grown grim.

A funeral was held to send Baldur to Helheim, during which Nanna threw herself upon the pyre. The World descended into the coldest global winter it had experienced to date. Ken, noticing this was occurring, went to every community he could find to let them know that the winter was only going to get colder and harsher and that he was willing to bring everyone to a safer place. Together, him and Ginger began to move towns and cities to near Bakersfield.

Svarozhich awakened from his very long nap. The Bogovi Council, as headed by Dobrozhe, was dissolved, and Svarozhich began looking over the matters they had discussed and the laws they had decided on. He also began seeing petitioners. Although he did not expressly forbid Morevuka, Dobrozhe, Yesen, and Mokosits from attending Found family dinners, they had to report where they were going and why everytime they left Domobog — and Stribog had sanction to watch their every move outside of Domobog.

As a result, Morevuka — and company — became more withdrawn around friends and family. After over a year of travel, Ken finally reached the end of the path. Ken introduced himself and informed Osiris that his family had sent him to find him. He then asked if Osiris would like a ride back. Osiris accepted, and was quickly brought to Meten-Khai-Ra. Morevuka send word along to Sun-Bearer, who went to break Star-Bringer out of her trance.

The other Netjer began flocking to Osiris. His job done, Ken went to find Ginger who was utterly excited to see him. The two of them were curious about events, so they unintrusively eavesdropped from afar. Nephthys was the first to approach Osiris, by far. Then she turned away and sought some distance as the others approached. Isis was the next to arrive. Osiris saw this and touched her face.

In the days that followed…

She opened up just enough to put her hand over his, but soon drew away and took her place by his side. His head had been bitten off by some crocodile beast, and the rest of his body could not be found — presumably eaten. Horus was well and truly lost to oblivion. Morevuka sought the moist, dark earth for answers. A funeral was held for Horus. She-Who-Hungers and the Drowned King were both invited to attend, which they did. Star-Bringer and Sun-Bearer also attended, but Star-Bringer was troubled by the fact that whatever it was had killed Horus was still unknown and at large; and, moreover, that this clearly meant that the Netjer would not be able to find the stability they had before.

Sun-Bearer agreed — they would have to find a new balance. Star-Bringer decided to approach the Mother of the Lost about whatever it was that had killed Horus. After the funeral, Set approached She-Who-Hungers about her hunger, seeming to think they had common ground. At that, Star-Bringer thanked the Mother of the Lost and bid her farewell until the next family dinner. Later, when she reported this to Sun-Bearer, he drew her into a tight hug. Upon his return, Ken picked up his guardianship of Ginger anew.

She bade Sun-Bearer and Star-Bringer goodbye, complete with hugs. Star-Bringer hinted that she could come over for dinner a couple times a month. Ginger seemed to like this idea. Isis approached Star-Bringer and Sun-Bearer and strongly advised them not to go to the meeting — to instead absent themselves under the pretense of mourning, so that the council cannot be held.

Because in the past he has tried to murder my son for the kingship. On more than one occasion. Star-Bringer consulted her husband about what he wanted to do. Sun-Bearer stated firmly that he wanted to go to the council, hear Set out, and make it clear that he is willing to capitulate if Set is truly the best person for the job. Isis persisted, expressing that this council was most certainly a power play — that Set would do everything in his power to seize the kingship, even if it meant killing Sun-Bearer, which it most likely did.

So long as they filibustered the meeting, they could ensure more supporters and then safely keep things the way they are. Isis stressed that if he went and it came down to violence Sun-Bearer would most certainly lose — and in turn the Netjer would be lost, and indeed a great deal more. Taking these presentiments seriously, Sun-Bearer and Star-Bringer decided they would take some more time to think it over and gather more information. Sun-Bearer took it in all as a matter of course, contemplating insights new and old.

They proceeded to discuss a plan of action. That unfortunately had to start with doing as Isis told them to do, and to the letter. However, he stressed that they had to remain very vigilant for an opportunity for their own tactics because it would be all too easy to rely entirely on Isis. She left a door open for them in her library, leading to the depths of her demense.

After Sanura and Ken have a discussion about the Netjer troubles, Ken approached Ginger to ask her what she thought about the situation, the changes, and the people involved. After hearing her incomplete picture, Ken compared the situation to gang politics. Right away Ginger got it and all the implications surrounding it and became quite distressed. He also encouraged Ginger to consider what it would mean to pick a side and talk to people who have had to face these kinds of choices or would be able to help her work out the consequences specifically Morevuka, Fury, Rose Thorn Child, and Sun-Bearer.

Ginger took these words to heart and sought out each of the people he suggested. Morevuka expressed that her choices — past, present, and future — have everything to do with what her duty is. All personal consequences were to be dealt with separately. Ginger then asked her what she planned to do about all this.

Morevuka said that she would wait and watch, because she was told not to get involved. And if Sun-Bearer should die, she will continue to do her duty and mourn later. Ginger sulked about how lame that was for a while, thanked Morevuka for talking to her and the muffin and left. Fury, on the other hand, broke down all the possible consequences of Ginger joining Sun-Bearer in this political struggle, moving step-by-step through potential outcomes. Ginger was utterly focused, and grew increasingly horrified and overwhelmed by all the possibilities.


Realizing that she was being much too much, Fury decided to stop and suggest that maybe Ginger talk to someone else. Rose Thorn Child described his experience with gang politics and cosmic politics! Ginger was overwhelmed by the thought of having to accept dying anew with literally every decision. The Mother of the Lost stated that they will stay out of it but will offer asylum to those who ask for it.

They cannot risk a multi-pantheon war because a great deal of them have connections — and strong ones too — to other pantheons. Senbast expressed that he would not be going to Meten-Khai-Ra during this conflict and will remain firmly neutral. She-Who-Hungers and the Drowned King are also steering clear of Netjer politics, because their position as keepers of the dead for all pantheons ties their hands pretty firmly.

That would be incredibly foolhardy, and Set is many things but he is not a fool. Then Star-Bringer asked whether it would be politically prudent if she gave a lucky star to Sun-Bearer, and Isis told her it would be fine. After the council had passed, Khepri approached Isis and spoke with her. She closed up and stiffened. Seeing that she would not be forthcoming, Sun-Bearer asked her what happened. Stunned, Star-Bringer asked what they were to do next. Isis expressed that Sun-Bearer would be a suitable sun for the time being, and he could continue to do what he had been doing since before Set arrived.

She advised Sun-Bearer to surround himself with capable people whom he trusted while he carried out his duties across the sky. Star-Bringer offered to join Sun-Bearer, but he expressed trepidation for the same reasons as when they were discussing her living with the Found at the first sign of violence. Immediately after, Star-Bringer went to the Mother of the Lost and demanded to know if she had known this would happen.

The Mother of the Lost offered Star-Bringer much sympathy and explained that her trust in the Mother of the Lost would be shaken a great deal in the days to come. But, as she had said before, Ra will come back and set things right. From there, Star-Bringer asked about how the Theoi were involved, what their involvement in this burgeoning political conflict would look like and entail. It was then Galen arrived astride his pegasus. The Mother of the Lost suggested to Star-Bringer that he might know something.

It turned out that Hera had attempted to talk Ares down but failed. Star-Bringer, alerted to this, demanded to know how long they had known Ares would do this, to which Galen responded that he only just found out today and has no idea how or how long Hera had known. Then Star-Bringer asked if any of the other Theoi would stay out of it, to which Galen said that it seemed for the most part like they would, and that he has no idea what was in store for Ares and company. Seeing that Star-Bringer was really stressed, Galen offered her a hug and some amenities like bath salts or chocolates.

As arranged, Sun-Bearer brought Star-Bringer out of her star communion before the boycott each week. Over the course of the next month of council boycotts nothing happened, but Sun-Bearer began to strongly suspect Isis was planning something. Using visiting his wife as a pretense to leave Meten-Khai-Ra and with her creating a false Sun-Bearer as she had with Sigyn and her boys to solidify the pretense , he met with Athena, and they worked together to come up with a plan to allow Sun-Bearer to speak on peaceful terms with Set.

Acting as head of the Theoi pantheon, Athena would arrange and mediate the meeting. From there, Star-Bringer discussed this possibility with Sun-Bearer, expressing deep trepidation about the child growing up not free, and the skeevy feel of this whole thing, using an innocent child to further a political agenda. Given this stalemate, Star-Bringer decided that she would go with what Sun-Bearer thought. He expressed that the responsibility should not fall entirely to him. Eventually they decided to seek the Mother of the Lost for help with this decision.

They took her suggestion. Star-Bringer invited her to join them in the library for tea and made up as fine a homemade spread as she could manage. Mokosh accepted their invitation; and Star-Bringer carefully stepped around the issue, trying to make Mokosh more comfortable and prime her for the coming topic. Sun-Bearer, on the other hand jumped right in. They thanked her for her time and offer.

Why let Set disrupt their life any further than he has? They needed to take their lives back from him. But he could not articulate his discomfort, and could not justify not going through with it. He asked Star-Bringer if she was certain this was what she wanted. She said as certain as she can possibly be. They went to Isis about their decision to secure her trust in them.

She blessed them both, weaving her magics to ensure fertility. February 14th, , they conceived an heir. Star-Bringer then returned to her star communion, to be awakened before the meeting so she could spend time with her husband, in case anything went awry. With Athena acting as mediator, Set agreed to meet with Sun-Bearer, alone. They began to broach the topic of negotiations.

Before they could make any significant progress, Duamutef, Imsety, Hapy, and Qebehsenuef launched a surprise attack on Set. Isis stepped in and spirited Sun-Bearer away to her demense. From there, Set called upon his allies to ensure that Athena did not flee and quickly subdued the four sons of Horus. Thus freed, Set declared that the Theoi had lost their credibility — if they truly wished to honor their allegiance with the Netjer, they would join him. Athena refused, stating that the Theoi are to remain neutral.

League Of Amazing Women

Ares then challenged her right to leadership, and suggested that they engage in single combat until one of them cannot continue fighting. They fought, and Ares scored many minor wounds on Athena which began to wear on her after some time. However, she managed to wound him seriously. Fury attempted to talk Ares down, but he demanded and the cosmos called to her.

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Fury, unable to turn away, brought the full force of her retribution upon Athena. Athena was promptly killed. Ashamed of his cowardice, Ares claimed the kill. Upon seeing that Athena was dead, and being told of what had happened, Hera quickly took sovereignty as Queen of the Theoi and officially broke the alliance between the Netjer and the Theoi, and threatened exile for any Theoi that choose to get involved from this point on.

Artemis, very much against Hera being in charge, promptly sneaked out to offer allegiance to Isis. Trapped as he was, Sun-Bearer asked Morevuka via his shadow wolf if she would be willing to tell Star-Bringer of proceedings, as he could not do so himself. She expressed that she could not, but that she would gossip to Lisa about events and let her decide to do what she saw fit with the information.

The Mother of the Lost had Star-Bringer broken from her communion to update her on events that had occurred. The Mother of the Lost advised her to wait where it was safe. Ignoring her advice, Star-Bringer sent a star cat to request a meeting with Isis at the Bibliotheca Consilium, which was accepted.

Star-Bringer proceeded from there to inform the Mother of the Lost that she would be gone for a few hours. Just as the Mother of the Lost asked if Star-Bringer would mind taking Ruben with her, Ruben knocked on the door to the Bibliotheca Consilium asking his mother what she wanted him for. Star-Bringer checked with Isis, who accepted, and agreed. They held each other for a while, both of them stiff and trembling with impotent anger.

But Star-Bringer pulled away, calmed herself, gave him the best smile she could given the circumstances, and teased him. She assured her husband that she would be doing everything she could to get him out and asked him if there was something she could get for him in the meantime. There was nothing he wanted. From there, Star-Bringer demanded of Isis how Sun-Bearer was to continue his duties and also remain safe. Isis stated that those who had been protecting him before will continue to protect him, and she has already woven her own magical protections upon him.

Isis also offered to arrange regular meetings between Sun-Bearer and Star-Bringer, with Ruben continuing to act as chaperone. She asked Ruben if he would mind visiting Sun-Bearer in her stead. He did not object; and neither did Isis. Set issued to Isis an ultimatum: Hathor approached Set personally and appealed to him for peace. It was not long before she was driven to violence: Though alive, Hathor was seriously wounded.

She withdrew to safety to recover. Isis did not deliver; Duamutef was killed and his body mutilated and destroyed, thus ensuring he could not rise again. Sun-Bearer, devastated at the wounding of Hathor and the loss of his half-brother, appealed to Isis. She explained that the four brothers had agreed to fight Set knowing they would eventually die, and so she would remain unyielding that their sacrifice would not be in vain. Then Set issued another ultimatum: Isis did not deliver; Hapi was killed and his body mutilated and destroyed, thus ensuring he could not rise again.

Isis did not deliver; Imsety was killed and his body mutilated and destroyed, thus ensuring he could not rise again. Towards the very end of that month, Ares, Phobos, Deimos, and Enyo launched an attack on Sun-Bearer as he made his way through the sky. Though he was defended staunchly by Bastet, Monthu, Maahes, and Wepwawet, they proved no match for the four war gods.

They were subdued and captured, only barely managing to allow Sun-Bearer to escape. Isis did not deliver; Qebesuenef was killed and his body mutilated and destroyed, thus ensuring he could not rise again. Set issued his next ultimatum: Once more Sun-Bearer appealed to Isis. She believed that Set was bluffing: Two weeks before the specified week mark, Ruben and Angel approached Star-Bringer, breaking her once more from her communion. Angel proceeded to do a routine check-up, during which Ruben made smalltalk.

Waiting for them was fresh, hot tea and snacks. After Star-Bringer had settled in and taken up her cup of tea, Ruben leaned forward and began. Ruben proceeded to update her on the escalation of the Netjer civil war and describe the plan as Sun-Bearer had described to him:. Ruben also reported that Sun-Bearer already obtained the consent of everyone else who would be involved except Isis and Set and wanted to see Star-Bringer again before he acted on any of this.

But only if she was confident that she could refrain from so much as mentioning anything about his plan, because there was no way for them not to be around Isis. After pacing for some time and composing herself, Star-Bringer went to Sun-Bearer. The months had not been kind to him: First and foremost she offered him comfort — but she could not put off her concerns for long. She reached out to his mind to discuss her displeasure with his intention to bend the knee to Set. But the only suggestion she could offer was to exact some kind of equal price from him: Before they parted, Star-Bringer requested to remain in his mind throughout this ordeal, and offered to watch in her place among the stars.

He agreed to this, partially for her sake and partially for his own. While among the stars, Star-Bringer turned from them to observe the proceedings. It was then she knew that he would rise and set things aright. When the meeting time came, Set summoned Sun-Bearer via the Ren of his eye. Sun-Bearer composed himself utterly, addressing Set calmly.

He laid out the plan, to which Set responded:. Once more he drew about himself the mantle of calm composure and as much of an air of authority as he could. When she arrived, he approached her and informed her of the plan and her place in the plan, allowing no room for negotiation. Set was there as well, with his supporters standing back.

Others began to gather around, drawn to this fateful meeting. Finally, he stepped forth to meet Set. It was then that Star-Bringer turned back to the stars, unable to bear watching her husband die, not trusting herself not to do something about it. She spent the entire night there, and the entire second night, before returning to the stars. Glutted on victory, Ares returned to the Theoi with Phobos, Deimos, and Enyo, expecting that a place would be waiting for him there. Hera turned him out, firmly reiterating her decree. Stunned, betrayed, and hurt, Ares and his children left in search of Zeus.

Shortly after the resolution of the Netjer civil war, Morevuka notified Ken of the events that had occurred. He and Ginger returned to Bakersfield to check in on Star-Bringer to offer morale support. However, as they talked to her, Ginger grew increasingly upset and agitated. She took him up on it right away. Having become increasingly more aware that the paths were incessantly calling to him and having already brought as many Earth folks to Bakersfield, Ken decided to tie up loose ends and continue on his eternal journey.

Now, already fairly well humiliated, what happens next only ads to all the embarrassment of the current situation. The Mayor rips off Blitzs mask and reveals her secret identity! The Mayor is stunned to find out Blitzkrieg is none other then the intrepid German reporter who recently interviewed her.

The revelation of Blitzkrieg stunned the Mayor a bit. But she recovered quickly. Using a magic amulet, the Mayor dangled the item over poor Blitzs face. The Mayor used the amulet to give poor Blitz a bit of a memory loss. She the reprogrammed the young heroine into forgetting the Mayor outright and even a new story for how the little German ended up bound and gagged. Next the Mayor shoved a big black ball gag into Blitzs mouth and leaves her alone.

Blitz wakes up and struggles until freeing herself. None the wiser for what was going on. Heroine Down Under Part 1. Huntress played by the super sexy Orias Bastet recently arrived back in her hideout after a successful business trip to the land down under. She robbed a small town museum of some priceless gems as well as some old gold coins minted pre Columbus.

Assuming that being back in the United States, Huntress relaxed on her couch playing with her ill gotten booty. But unawares, Australias most famous super heroine, the mighty Tempus played by the uber gorgeous Cobie had followed Huntress all the way back. Now was the time for a reckoning. So Tempus surprises Huntress in her own hideout but the ultra nasty villain is not to be out smarted.

She quickly recovered from the shock. Using her cross bow , Huntress was able to hit Tempus with an arrow that rendered her sleepy. Then it was party time Huntress style! She tied the Aussie heroine up nice and tight. Had some fun at the poor girls expense. Then adding a gag Huntress torments the poor heroine until she faints. Dealing With A Brat Conclusion. This little super villain known as Gold Star should not be able to beat her so easily.

So Monarch got herself dressed and went to find her current nemesis. She did not have to look far. Gold Star walked in and was holding a nice wade of cash. Monarch did not waste time with small talk as she punched out Gold Star. But the wily little villain was not with her own surprises and she managed to knock Monarch to the ground with a well placed head butt. Monarch staggered and fell to the floor somewhat dazed. But Gold Star made a huge tactical mistake.

She had the powerful heroine dazed but instead of finishing her off she stopped to taunt Monarch! This was all Monarch needed she jumped up and grabbed Gold Star in a powerful bear hug. The little bad girl shrieked in pain as Monarch squeezed harder and harder. Eventually Gold Star got quiet and slumped into Monarch's arms.

The mighty Monarch dropped Gold Star to the floor. Then decided it was time to return the favor. She stripped the villain out of her costume and boots. Then tied her up! She then stuffed a ball gag in Gold Star's mouth. As the pissed off villain came around Monarch decided to have some fun.

She began to tickle her prisoner. Telling Gold Star she would keep her company until the police arrived. Finally she heard the sirens so Monarch jumped up and left. Gold Star grabbed at her mask trying to hide her face before the police arrived. But for some reason, the young heroine could not bring herself to call the police instead she got Toxin up, re dressed her and told her to show her where she had hidden all the loot she had stolen in previous crimes.

When Toxin resisted, Blue Arachnid attacked her. Beat on her some more way more then necessary, Really just snapping on Toxin who was in so much pain she began to beg Blue Arachnid to stop. Finally, Toxin from the pain. Annoyed, Blue Arachnid unmasked her, took her boots again and tied the battered villain up. Then to finish the issue up, Blue Arachnid shoved a big red ball gag in Toxin's mouth. Then after some more questioning and such, the young heroine left Toxin bound and gagged. This subtle change in Blue Arachnid goes unnoticed by her fellow heroines but soon everyone will see Now dreaming of what each of them will do with their expected sixty million dollars each, both of them had lofty visions of how lucrative success would change both of them.

Gumdrop had ideas of starting her own mail-order bride service wherein she could dispatch sexy FemBot in place of living people in order to further enrich her villainous standing in the community by using blackmail and espionage via her sexy androids. Dark Avenger wanted to buy into a white slave ring and start turning her sixty million into hundreds and hundreds of millions in profit by capitalizing on the worldwide fascination with sexy white college-age women. Gumdrop wanted to be the one who came forward in order to garner all the fame and notoriety by bragging to the world how pummeling and throttling a little old lady was " Dark Avenger made the mistake of asking Gumdrop what she would do with any of the proceeds that came her way after achieving her financial dreams and Gumdrop brazenly blurted out that all she wanted was a team of midget slaves dressed in grass skirts to wait on her hand and foot.

This final idiotic blurting was more than Dark Avenger could stand and so, in a fit of rage, she grabbed Gumdrop by the back of the head and brought the simple-minded criminal's face down HARD onto the oak table, smashing the nose and giving the hapless villainess a mild concussion. Repeating the slamming action two times more resulted in Gumdrop being kinetically smashed into a bleary mess by her one-time friend and sometime ally.

By the time that Gumdrop came to, she was stringently hogtied hand and foot, unable to move off of the table on which she had been placed. Without super-strength or the ability to escape her bonds by use of her superpowers, Gumdrop had very little to resist with as a large metal-and-wood bit- gag was slammed into place over her mouth and tightly cinched down. Fighting the gag with all her might, Gumdrop tried to break the ropes by straining against them with all her dwindling power but it was all for naught.

Growling angrily through her wooden mouthpiece, Dark Avenger angrily explained to her onetime partner that because she was making such foolish choices with her "share" of the lottery winnings, that it was "in her own best interest" that Dark Avenger TAKES her half of the money and 're-appropriated' it for criminal causes and to not be wasted on the frivolous adventures of midgets in hula skirts. As Dark Avenger left, Gumdrop tried in rage to burst her bonds but all she could do was watch helplessly as Dark Avenger left with.

After a series of recent defeats at some of Tiedsville's worse villains, Blue Jay's partner or sidekick if you like, Red Bird was on the shelf recovering from injuries. Not so much as a punishment but more so to protect her. Blue jay has no super powers. Her and Red Bird were college girls who wanted to be super heroines , they wanted to make a difference in there community.

But as big a heart as the little heroine had her skill didn't match up. So she was on monitor duty for her own safety. But Blue Jay was depressed she wanted to be out fighting crime so she took a day off and despite a warning from Slip Stream, Blue Jay went out into the city's seedy underworld to try and show she was a real heroine.

Blue jay was not short on ambition. She decided the easiest way to make a name for herself was to take down the villain of villains herself. Finding Red Dawn is not hard, if you want to battle her she is always willing. Her disgust of heroines is well known. So when Blue Jay confronted Red Dawn, once the villains laughter at whom she assumed the League had sent, the battle was set.

Blue jay attacked hitting Red Dawn with a series of punches and kicks. Red Dawn just laughed and insulted the little heroine calling her Blue gnat. Blue Jay punched and kicked as hard and as fast as she could. But each blow only made Red Dawn laugh a bit more. Blue Jay's confidence slipped a bit and then she heard the dreadful words from Red dawn With that comment came a powerfully painful blow from Red Dawn's hammer. A few more blows from the evil villain and poor Blue Jay's worst nightmares were going to come true! The young heroine was at the evil Red Dawn's feet.

Red Dawn tied Blue jay up and gagged her. She used some big leather gag and then ripped down Blue Jay's costume to reveal her breasts! After all this Red Dawn told Blue Jay to sit tight she would be back later. Blue Jay struggled to get free, knowing she was in some trouble. She had to get free before Red Dawn returned or else. Real Heroines of the League Part 1.

The League is loaded with talented heroines. These women persevere and get the job done. But the talent varies in both power and execution. Some of the heroines are better then others. One of the Leagues youngest heroines has really had trouble. She often gets captured and rarely is able to bring in her prey. She goes by the name Awesome Girl and she is known joking in the media as the Leagues weakest link. She had recently been sent out to capture a relatively low level villain.

This particular villain had stolen a cat. She of course failed and the mighty Patriot Girl was sent to fetch her back to the league again. It did not take long for Patriot Girl, played by the voluptuous Jasmin Jai long to find the poor little heroine. Awesome Girl, played by the gorgeous Angel Lee, was bound and gagged nude to a jail cell.

She was visibly relieved to be rescued by one of her fellow heroines and not another reporter. But Patriot Girl was both annoyed and somewhat condescending towards Awesome Girl and her current predicament. She did not free young Awesome Girl right away instead she proceeded to lecture the poor girl about her failures. Once Patriot Girl ungagged her and let her loose, Awesome Girl tried to explain what had happened.

But as it turns out Patriot Girl simply is no longer interested in excuses, even valid ones. So as poor Awesome Girl desperately tried to explain how she had been unable to rescue even a cat, Patriot Girl was just making fun of her. As Awesome got dressed the verbal abuse got worse. Finally, something inside Awesome Girl snapped!

She pounced on Patriot Girl from behind and was able to quickly put the mighty heroine down for a knap. So now Awesome Girl, unsure what she had done she got Patriot Girl ready for a plate of humble pie! Meet Miss J Part 1. Sexy Bailey Paige plays the evil little Miss J. Its seems the slap happy villain had recently committed a series of robberies. Since Miss J is rumored to be a niece or some other relation of Gotham Cities crown prince of crime, the League sent to heroines to get her.

The two decided to split up and look for the crazy villain. Star Light would look inside and Crimson Avenger would look outside. As Star Light was breaking in, Miss J heard her and decided to hide. Star Light came into the room and began looking around. The unfortunate heroine had no idea what was about to happen. It was basically over before Star Light could react.

As the poor heroine faded into a deep drug induced slumber, she heard nothing but an eerie laughter. Miss J dances around happily. She removes the heroines boots and then hogties her. Miss J finished Star Light off with a big red ball gag! Just as Star Light was coming around, Miss J ran off and went into hiding again. This time Crimson Avenger came in and ran to her helpless partner. Miss J roared with laughter.

Only time or part 2 of this clip will tell what Miss J has in store for the young heroines.

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Venom Valentine's Return Part 2. But as she heads to the open doors she cannot walk through. Venom is using magic! Helloween knows thats not good. While she is pondering what to do. Helloween fails to notice that Venom has returned. With a big old evil grin, Venom gets Helloween from behind with one of her rags soaked with fun at least as Venom sees it.

Dirty Double- The Bondage of Bastet and Greed (Dirty Doubles Book 9) - Kindle edition by Aaron Evans, Father Andros. Download it once and read it on your. Dirty Double The Bondage of Bastet and Envy Dirty Doubles Book 10, Dirty Double The Bondage of Bastet and Greed Dirty Doubles Book 9, Dirty Double.

Surprised, the young heroine takes a big breath but Venoms rag was already in place. This weakens Helloween and her struggles tapper off quickly and she slumps to teh floor out like a light. Giggling gleefully, Venom removes Helloweens boots on screen. Next Venom grabs some rope and begins to tie Helloweens ankles, knees and wrists. She then shoves a big blue ball gag into poor Helloweens mouth. Then, very happy with herself, Venom Valentine laughs at her helpless victim and announces she will be back later for some real fun.

Helloween struggles to get free as Venom bounces out the door. Ultra Woman Alexandria Star is easily the most powerful of Tiedsville's super villain community. Despite the fact that she can pretty much commit any crime she wants and will most likely be successful at it, she also employs others to help her.

Gum Drop Michelle Peters is one of the villains that work for Ultra. However, Ultra is aware that at the end of the day a villain will always be a villain, cheating, stealing and just be generally a distasteful individual. So with that in mind Ultra watched her books and it seemed Gum Drop had been coming up short of expectation.

Ultra decided it was time for an impromptu meeting! Gum Drop is on her couch giggling and counting the money she has stolen. This stolen money is in fact the cut she was supposed to have given crime lord Ultra Woman. But Gum Drop has assumed that the boss is much to busy to notice. Suddenly Ultra Woman bursts in on Gum Drop. The little wily villain looks very surprised.

She tries to slip the money into her boot but its no good. Ultra grabs Gum Drop by the throat. Then she simply puts the traitor down for a nap! Ultra tosses Gum Drop on the couch and gets the money from her boot. Ultra ties Gum Drops hands behind her back then removes her boots. This is followed by a hogtie and finally a nice ball gag. Gum Drop comes around and finds the room empty. Knowing what she has done she begins to struggle mightily to get loose. Finally, Gum Drop gets loose and plans to runa way before Ultra returns. The Gold Standard Part 2.

Finally the super heroine got loose. First thing she did however was to check her gold. As such, Golden Guardian never noticed Puma sneaking up behind her until the soaked rag was wrapped tightly around her face. Golden Guardian struggled but it was really over before it started. The already injured heroine slumped to the floor. Once again a victim of the evil villain Puma! Puma was somewhat surprised that the little super heroine had gotten loose but she also knew the house Golden Guardian lived in had gold in it. So Pumas flipped Golden Guardian over on her belly and removed her boots.

Then she grabbed the rope and once again tied Golden Guardian up. This time she hogtied the heroine. Next Puma shoved a yellow ball gag into Golden Guardian's mouth to keep her quiet. When she came around, Puma asked her if she would give up her gold. When Golden Guardian shuck her head no, she got a savage kick to the belly for her trouble. Then a very annoyed Puma went back to ransacking the house. Hit By A Bolt of Villainy! The evil super villain known as Bolt, Jewell Marceau has been speeding around town committing one crime after another.

This crime wave of hers attracted the attention of the League of Amazing Women and they sent Tiedsville champion to catch her. They sent known other then the mighty American Avenger Ember Skye. Avenger tracked Bolt down and confronted her. Bolt's super speed makes her dangerous and usually the League would send Slip Stream to deal with her as Slip is actually faster then Bolt. But Slip Stream was not available so Avenger went. In the ensuing battle, Bolt was simply to fast. She was able to get American Avenger and put her down for the count.

Bolt tied American Avenger up nice and tight. She finished it off with a big red ball gag! Stay tuned for the next part of the story. After the last embarrassing defeat, the super villain had had enough. She had a mission to finish. That mission being finding and joining Red Dawn. So using her gifted intellect instead of just trying to use her gifted brawn, Red Nemesis was able to neutralize the speed of Slip Stream.

She did this with a simple drug that deactivated the super speedsters powers. Then she brought her to her so called hide out for one last interrogation. Stripped of her costume, Slip Stream was in some real trouble. Red Nemesis tied Slip Stream up and with that big ball gag she had stuffed in the young heroines mouth, our little speedster was in a real bind.

Then she pulled out some kind of bag. As a horrified powerless heroine looked on, Red Nemesis stuffed her inside. She explained that the bag would hold her indefinitely even after the drug wore off. The more Slip Stream struggled the tighter the bag would get slowly suffocating the heroine! Then without any more fanfare Red Nemesis closed off the bag and left poor Slip Stream to suffer her fate.

Is this the end of Slip Stream? Tatsu Attacks Part 1. Star Girl, Amanda Bryant has been looking for the perpetrator of a string of robberies of late. Knowing it could be any one of twenty different super villains on the loose in Tiedsville at any given time she had to proceed much more cautiously.

As it turns out she is on a collision course with none other then the evil Tatsu Honey. Little is known about this particular villain. Fellow League member Monarch has fought her but Monarch is currently off world so she will be of no use. The two adversaries meet.

Tatsu turns out to be much more powerful then Star Girl expected. After a quick battle it is poor Star Girl who ends up between Tatsu's legs! Later, the young heroine comes around and finds her self missing her boots and hogtied. A gag only ads to her embarrassment. Tatsu tells her to sit tight as she will return later for some more fun.

New Villain On The Block! While a lack of crime in and of itself is a good thing, for a crime fighter its boring. But Gamma knows you take the good and the bad together. She was just about to head back to the League as her patrol was ending when she suddenly got a call about a robbery. It seems a comic book shop owned by League friend Jacko Lovegood was robbed. So Gamma headed off to find the super villain. As she was looking around the neighborhood the villain had last been seen running thru, a girl scout out selling her cookies pointed out an abandoned house.

She told Gamma she had seen a costumed person climb in thru a window. So Gamma smiled, thanked the civic mind and headed over to the house. Gamma kicked open the door and confronted the villain who was laying on the bed lavishing in the thousands of dollars she had stolen from the comic shop. The villain jumped up and confronted Gamma. Gamma was in the process of informing her she was under arrest when the sly super villain connected with a punch to Gamma's crotch. This was rapidly followed by a punch to gamma's throat knocking the poor heroine to the floor.

As poor Gamma was on her knees gasping in pain, the villain landed several more powerful punches to Gamma head knocking the heroine! Poor Gamma never knew what hit her. The speed and power of the new villain had laid Gamma out within a breath! Gamma slowly came around her head still ringing from the punches she had endured.

She was clearing the cob webs from her mind when she slowly realized she was bound and gagged! The large ball gag in her mouth made any chance at talking impossible. Towering over her was the unnamed villain. She circled around her bound foe and said, " I bet you would love to know who I am? Gamma weakly nodded not sure how else to answer the question. The villain went on, "I am new in town, I just arrived from Detroit where I grew bored with eliminating good girls like you. So here is your one warning. Vendetta's Dominance Part 1.

Every crime she commits is flawless, the League has never been able to find her to stop her. Lady Star once crossed paths with her and was nearly for her effort. So when the mighty American Avenger found out Vendetta had a safe house, she kicked in the door old school style ready to deliver a beating a long time in coming. But a soften been Avenger's case, she failed to read up on her opponent.

A fact she would pay dearly for omitting. Vendetta was surprised but none the less lethal. As Avenger grabbed her, Vendetta delivered a knee to the side of American Avenger's head that would have caved in the skull of a lesser heroine. But Avenger is young and strong, the blow staggered her leaving her dazed. Unfortunately, that was all Vendetta needed. She pummeled poor Avenger until the young heroine was left battered and.

Vendetta , towered triumphantly over the fallen heroine. Grabbing some rope she tied American Avenger up then stuffed a ball gag in her mouth. Vendetta explained she would be back later to show Avenger some real pain. Then she left, our young heroine struggled to get free, knowing that if she didn't she was in real trouble! The Gold Standard part 1. Sure she gets her powers from gold so it is in and of itself no laughing matter.

But her home is covered in gold colored furniture and such. It was this that led a former super heroine turned villain and a former friend of Golden Guardian's to decide to rob her. The villain known as Puma used to be a member of the League. But as sometimes happens she was simply seduced by the dark side of things. She wanted money, power and expensive things. Stuff she assumed she was entitled too for being a heroine.

When it didn't happen she changed sides. Puma had tried to get her friend Golden Guardian to join her and was angered when the mighty heroine said no way. Now, angry and wanting some semblance of revenge. Puma remembered how much gold stuff Guardian had around her home. She knew a lot of it was fake gold but some of it was not. So looking for an easy score she broke into Guardian's home. It was during this robbery that Golden Guardian returned home unexpectedly. She saw Puma and grabbed her from behind immediately.

Golden Guardian wanted to know what was going on and Puma wanted to get away. So the two struggled falling onto the couch. As Guardian was yelling for Puma to settle down, the villain let loose a thunderous elbow that connected right into Guardian's jaw. The powerful blow knocked the poor heroine nearly senseless. This gave Puma time to counter attack! This Puma did with all the anger she could muster.

She grabbed Golden Guardian's ankle and jerked her to the floor. Then she stomped the little heroine's crotch numerous times until Golden Guardian was screaming in pain. Then as the injured heroine tried to crawl away, Puma pounced on her. Wrapping her arms around the neck of Golden Guardian she squeezed until the mighty heroine was limp and quiet. Then, Puma grabbed some rope and a gold ball and used it as a gag. She tied poor Golden Guardian up and told the pretty little heroine to site tight while she went to find out what was real gold and what was fake. Promising to return Puma took off.

The injured heroine started to struggle trying to get herself free. A Rough Weekend For Shadow. So after the Tiedsville police had hauled off the evil serpent, Shadow hung around to bask in her glory. Suddenly, Madame Dragon showed up! The evil villain towering over little Shadow. Having remembered her briefings, Madame Dragon is one of the most powerful bad girls terrorizing Tiedsville and never to be engaged alone.

Shadow knew she needed to retreat and do so quickly. But the evil that is Madame Dragon was having none of that! Grabbing Shadow around the neck, the villain smiled and muttered something about letting the pain began. Shadow never got a punch, kick or even a slap in edge wise. Madame Dragon kicked and punched the young heroine all around the room. Madame Dragon took her time inflicting maximum pain before finally allowing Shadow to slip into unconsciousness on the floor.

It seems Lunar Serpent is Madame Dragon's sidekick of sorts so beating her was a very bad move for poor Shadow. The young heroine of course had no clue about this until she came around gagged and chained up. Madame Dragon promised the next time would not go so easy and then she left the little heroine alone to ponder her next move. Shadow had almost gotten Lunar Serpent sent away to jail. However just as the police were arriving, Madame Dragon showed up and wreak havoc as she freed her friend.

Once loose they both devastated what was left of the police at the scene and then took off. Shadow, upon hearing what had happened to the police felt bad for having left before they arrived. So she foolishly decided to go out by herself and catch both villains. A course of action she would no doubt be forced to regret. Finding the two baddies was easy enough. When Shadow kicked in the door, Madame Dragon didn't know whether to be insulted or entertained that this little would be super heroine had come alone to catch her.

Lunar Serpent on the other hand saw this as a gift. After all she had just been defeated by Shadow. So Madame Dragon took a whatever attitude conjured up a net and the two attacked wrapping Shadow in the magic net. Madame Dragon explained that this particular net stifled the powers of whomever was wrapped in it. So now essentially helpless, Lunar Serpent wrapped Shadow up tightly in the net and secured it with some plain 0old duct tape. The she shoved a ball gag in Shadow's mouth to keep her from talking.

Then as a final little insult the two bad girls ripped off Shadow's mask. After the newspaper guys get here Lunar explained, your career as a super heroine will be over! Then the two villains took off leaving the mask less heroine bound and gagged. Explosive Return Part 3. Dirty Bomb, played by super star Fayth, had been running amuck in Tiedsville. She was robbing and stealing pretty much at will. More importantly, Dirty Bomb was not joining any groups or allying herself with any of the cities villain factions. So as such, Dirty Bomb cared little when she stepped on anyones toes.

So as Trickster, played by newcomer Constance, was busy robbing a home of a well sought after golden turtle, she did not notice Dirty Bomb as she arrived. Startled by the sudden appearance, Trickster at first thinking one of Tiedsvilles pesky super heroines had caught her but was confused when she saw Dirty Bomb.

But it did not take Trickster long to figure out Dirty Bomb was not a friend but a foe. The two began to fight over the little gold turtle. They both hit the floor grappling with each other. Each trying to get control of the other. Slowly Dirty Bomb got control. Managing to remove one of Tricksters boots, Dirty Bomb beat her opponent senseless! Happy to add another costumed victim to her list of victories, Dirty Bomb removed Tricksters other boot. Then she placed her unfortunate opponent into some stocks securing her wrists and head. As Trickster came around Dirty Bomb pulled her up to her feet by her hair.

Then the two did a little dance around the room so to speak. Trickster would kick out at Dirty Bomb and in return she would catch a punch to the stomach for her efforts. After a bit, Dirty Bomb shoved a blue ball gag into her mouth to keep her quiet. Next, she tossed Trickster onto the couch and tied her ankles together. This was followed by some picture taking as Dirty Bomb wanted to remember the affair. Then Dirty Bomb took the gold turtle and left poor Trickster bound and gagged for the police.

Justice, played by the gorgeous Nyxon had managed to get herself free before British Knight returned. So British Knight played by the super sexy Serene Isley began to frantically search for her brain addled partner. Having no luck, British Knight went to one of the Leagues many safe houses to see if by chance Justice was hiding. Not finding her, British Knight decided she needed help so she phoned in to League Headquarters to get some help.

As she hangs up the phone, suddenly Justice springs out of nowhere and gets British Knight from behind! The two struggle with Justice latched onto poor British Knights back. Falling back onto the bed, it is apparent British Knight is in real trouble. Finally the struggle ends with Justice overpowering her friend. Justice lets British Knight slide helplessly to the floor.

Then the injured heroine removes British Knights utility belt and her boots. Justice hogties British Knight , even using the poor heroines hair as part of the tie. British Knight tries to protest, but still saying nothing, Justice shoves a big ball gag in her mouth effectively shutting British Knight up. As British Knight struggles, Justice pulls out some kind of amulet and forces her to stare at it. But British Knight has no idea what it is and after a few minutes Justice just leaves again without a word.

British Knight struggles furiously and does manage to get loose. She knows she has to catch her partner before Purple Haze, played by the sexy red head Chrissy Daniels had failed to get the information she wanted from Freedom Star. Now it was time to end all this nonsense. It seems Purple Haze had decided this little misadventure would have a shocking end for Freedom Star. So she strapped the sexy super heroine in the chair and waited for her to wake up.

Freedom Star woke up and Purple Haze walked over. She asked the mighty heroine one last time to talk. Freedom Star as expected refused. So Purple Haze pulled out a penis shaped gag and shoved it into Freedom Stars mouth. As she was doing this she reminded the poor heroine it would be the last dick she ever had in her mouth! Purple Haze let that sink in and again asked Freedom Star to talk. Again however, nothing had changed. So now frustrated she finished hooking up the electric chair.

Now fully ready to shock the super heroine, Freedom Star is given one final chance to talk. Still maintaining her silence until the very end the heroic young lady refuses, knowing what was about to happen. So nude, strapped into the electric chair, Freedom Star was ready for what was coming. Purple Haze started with a quick zap. The powerful electricity ripped through Freedom Stars body. This back and forth went on for a bit until finally Purple Haze let it go. The electricity had its way with poor Freedom Star until she seemingly.

Purple Haze assuming it was done walked away. But things do not appear as they seem. The might heroine slowly comes too. Now it was time for some pay back! The Gold Standard Conclusion. In the final installment of this adventure, Golden Guardian played by Fayth returned expecting to find Puma still bound and gagged. As she was marveling at the gold statue that was causing all the issues, Puma suddenly came in behind her and cracked her on the head with a club. Puma, played by Summer Peters grabbed the rope and such that had been used on her. Then she commenced to bind and gag the confused little super heroine.

Once finished, Golden Guardian woke up from her little nap. The mighty heroine knew she had screwed up. As such she struggled desperately to try and get herself free. Meanwhile Puma gathered up the gold. Then Puma came back over, removed Golden Guardians belt and began to beat on her some more with her club. Not super hard more as a nuisance then anything. Next Puma forcefully removed Golden Guardians mask and beat on her some more. Finally, Puma felt like she had gotten a certain amount of revenge and she grabbed her trusty rag and helped the little heroine to go to sleep!

She quickly searched for her partner. That blank look on Justice's face made British Knight think there was a lot more to the beating then looks. So while searching she saw Justice outside wondering aimlessly. She watched as the befuddled heroine wandered into an old garage looking building. As Justice shut the door British Knight made the decision to go and investigate what was going on. So the mighty heroine dashed out the door and headed to the old garage. Arriving, British Knight slowly opened the door and snuck in. Once inside, British Knight observed Justice simply standing in the middle of the room.

She seemed oblivious to anything going on around her. Reaching into her utility belt, British Knight pulled out a syringe. It had a drug in it that should knock her coo coo for cocoa puffs side kick out without hurting her. Walking cautiously over, Justice still not moving, Knight reached out and injected the drug into Justice's neck.

The young heroine did not react but she did collapse. British Knight caught her and helped her into a chair. Now what to do became the overriding question. British Knight wanted to call for help but during her last fight her com unit was busted. So she decided to tie and gag her helpless sidekick up and leave her until she could find some help. As she was tying Justice up is suddenly occurred to her that Justice had pulled her top down leaving her ample breasts exposed.

How embarrassing that could have been. So not one to pass on a chance for a good joke, British Knight returned the favor and pulled down Justice's top. Just as she was finishing up Justice came around. She looked different now more normal.

And then Isis touched her on the shoulder. She the reprogrammed the young heroine into forgetting the Mayor outright and even a new story for how the little German ended up bound and gagged. Red Dawn just laughed and insulted the little heroine calling her Blue gnat. Crimson Star whirled around just in time to feel the bite of Blue Knight's energy weapon. Another billow of shadow drifted. Not so much as a punishment but more so to protect her. Puma had tried to get her friend Golden Guardian to join her and was angered when the mighty heroine said no way.

She also was angry at the predicament she was in and that it looked like her partner had done it. British Knight laughed and explained what had happened. Then she told Justice to sit tight while she went and got help. British Knight rushed out the door leaving an angry and confused and very topless Justice bound and gagged. Lady Austria's Screw Up. She had amassed a considerable fortune from her skills as a master thief.