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Levels of SLECs were consistently low at 3 weeks post-challenge, suggesting that terminally differentiated SLECs fluctuate during response to challenge. It appears that MPEC and SLEC lymphocytes play a greater role in the vaccine-like, recall response to challenge than they do in response to initial tumor initiation. Additionally, in contrast to blood, SLE cells were essentially absent or at relatively low, variable levels in the spleen and liver after challenge. MPECs were relatively elevated in the spleen and low in the liver before and after treatment.

SLECs were very low in the spleen and variable in the liver before and after treatment. Isolated lymphocytes were incubated with Cell Tracker Violet-labeled N1-S1 cells, which were analyzed for active caspases and Annexin-V binding as apoptosis markers 24 h later Figure N1-S1 cell percentage for active caspases red bars and caspases plus Annexin-V blue bars are indicated on the Y-axis when lymphocytes to N1-S1 ratios were 5: The immune profile in the post-challenge liver looks very different from the NK profile after initial NPS treatments Figure 6.

These phenotypic characteristics were also present in spleen, except at lower levels. Three weeks later, N1-S1 tumor cells had not formed tumors. In contrast, H4IIE cells induced tumor cell growth not as a defined tumor mass like that observed for N1-S1 tumors, but as tumor cells infiltrating into, but distinctly different from, normal liver parenchyma. To determine the longevity of the NPS post-ablation vaccine-like effect in rats with orthotopic N1-S1 HCC [ 21 ], a study with 6 rats was carried out over 11 4 rats to 15 2 rats months from tumor initiation to study end see materials and methods.

Four rats were challenged at 8 weeks and two others at 14 and 19 weeks after treatment. None of these rats had developed tumors.

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These rats were then boosted twice two months later, and then orthotopically challenged 6—7 months after booster injection. None of these rats established tumors. The vaccine-like effect and granzyme B expression in the NPS treated TME [ 21 ] suggested an immune response, as demonstrated in this study. Two different abscopal models were analyzed in the rat N1-S1 model.

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When one-week-old orthotopic tumors in the medial lobe This indicates that when a second tumor has escaped the primary site and is seeded as in a micrometastasis at a distant site, NPS treatment of the primary tumor can prevent growth of the distant second tumor. When a primary tumor in the medial lobe Thus, NPS initiates an immune response from a primary tumor treatment that is sufficient to prevent the growth of a distant tumor while it is initiating, but not once the tumor is established. NPS treatment of primary tumors ablates those tumors, resolves the immunosuppressive TME and initiates an immune response; however, that immune response cannot resolve a tumor that has already established an immunosuppressive TME.

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The studies presented here provide a general overview of how the innate and adaptive immune system in rats with orthotopic N1-S1 HCC tumors respond before and after NPS treatment, and how NPS induces a vaccine-like effect that prevents recurrence when orthotopically re-challenged with N1-S1 HCC cells. Immune responses are of interest because NPS treatment itself essentially vaccinates animals in vivo. In a previous study, 21 of 21 rats were protected [ 21 ], and scores of rats were protected during this study; protection lasted for as long as 8 months. These studies demonstrate that the protective, vaccine-like effect following NPS ablation [ 21 ] is mediated by multiple immune mechanisms appearing after NPS treatment involving elimination of the immunosuppressive TME combined with both adaptive and innate immune mechanisms with influxes of adaptive memory T-cells and specific subsets of NK and NKT-cells expressing activation phenotypes.

Although the NPS-induced immune-mediated vaccine-like effect does not specifically constitute typical immunotherapy, NPS does achieve a major immunotherapy goal in exploiting adaptive and importantly innate immune cells in order to destroy tumors [ 28 ]. The TME plays multiple roles in tumor progression, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and drug resistance, as well as angiogenesis and metastasis [ 30 ]. Without NPS treatment, the immunosuppressive TME prevents effective innate and adaptive immune responses, requiring humane euthanasia 2—3 weeks after tumor initiation due to tumor burden [ 21 ].

However, this includes only 0. Yet afterwards, Tregs regress and DCs increase Figure 3 for antigen recognition. Tumor cell death is also promoted by death of tumor stroma tissues such as host somatic cells and macrophages, which promote tumor growth, stimulate immune suppression, and interact with cancer stem cells, contributing to tumorigenesis, drug resistance and metastasis [ 35 ].

Since NPS eliminates significant cell numbers in the TME, immune cells present after the first few days most likely represent some surviving cells and, more importantly, the influx of cells from the surrounding liver tissue. These cell subsets likely played an important role in HCC tumor elimination after NPS, as well as bridged the gap between innate and adaptive immunity.

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Some NK cell ligands have been identified in humans and mice [ 27 ], but none in rats. When stress is defined as tumorigenesis, infection or injury, there are several common factors that can activate NKG2D receptors, including DNA damage responses, programmed cell death, upregulation of heat shock pathways, unfolding protein response, oxidative stress, and inflammation. After NPS, tumor cells are severely distressed, but do not die immediately. DNA damage and active caspases can be seen hours after treatment [ 21 , 24 ].

NK cells do not express T-cell or B-cell antigen receptors. Instead, NKs integrate fixed numbers of inhibitory and activating receptors that determine NK cytotoxicity and cytokine release [ 38 ]. NK cells can be activated by at least two different mechanisms. In this study, inhibitory receptors were not characterized, primarily because antibodies are not available for these receptors in rats. Since the liver is an innate immune organ [ 14 ], analysis of immune response to HCC in the liver was of specific interest, especially for first-responding NK cells.

Rat NK cells are not well-characterized, but mice NKs are in Group 1 of three innate lymphoid cell groups ILCs based on cytokine production and transcription factors TFs regulating development and functions [ 41 ]. Fully functional NKs develop in fetal mouse liver and remain in adults, suggesting distinct liver NK precursor cells [ 43 ]. Rat NKs have been characterized primarily by morphology. The immune response in vaccinated rats to orthotopic challenge injections presented a somewhat different immune landscape than that seen after NPS treatment.

These MPEC were also elevated in the liver and spleen. This response is similar to the resolution of an acute infection when T-cells differentiate into MPECs expressing CD and elevated levels of BCL2 that are destined to provide long-term memory and SLECs expressing KLRG1 that have been repeatedly stimulated by antigens and undergo terminal differentiation and cellular senescence [ 49 , 50 ].

The CD receptor on T-cells can act as a co-receptor defining a specific T-cell subset [ 51 ] that secrete IL, which among other functions, recruits and activates granulocytes to promote inflammation [ 52 ]. NK cells [ 53 , 54 ] and other innate immune cells [ 55 , 56 ] have recently been shown to be capable of immunological memory. Other methods using electric fields, including electrochemotherapy ECT with bleomycin and irreversible electroporation with calcium recently induced similar vaccine-like effects in murine CT26 colon carcinoma cells [ 57 ], but the immune mechanisms remain to be investigated.

Furthermore, ECT with bleomycin induced a systemic immune response in a melanoma patient [ 58 ]. Here, we characterize the NPS-induced adaptive immune responses in blood, spleen and liver, which lasts for months in rats treated for HCC. An abscopal response is present in less well-established tumors, indicating that in established tumors, an immunosuppressive TME can become dominant in spite of the presence of NK, NKT and T-lymphocytes. However, NPS treatment can reserve this suppression and establish innate and adaptive immune response as tumors are regressing to establish the NPS-induced protective vaccine-like effect characterized here in rat HCC and in mouse metastatic breast cancer [ 23 ].

Challenge studies were initiated 6—7 weeks after NPS treatment. Animals were euthanized at various times post-treatment and challenged as indicated in the text and Figures. Three weeks after this second challenge injection, rats were humanely euthanized. No tumor growths were found on any livers. Cells were then stained for flow cytometry. Blood was diluted 1: The interphase containing the lymphocytes was collected and washed with FACS buffer. The following antibodies were used in specific phenotypic panels: Spleens were isolated from Sprague Dawley rats at various times post-treatment and post-challenge.

Splenocytes were isolated as described above. Various ratios of T-cells to labelled N1-S1 cells 5: The cells were washed and propidium iodide was added before running on flow cytometry. Statistical analysis was done by performing a comparison of means by T-test. The use of out-bred Sprague Dawley rats and variabilities among them, determination of cell phenotypes over long periods of time and, in some instances, the inclusion of small number of animals, presented conditions that sometimes did not allow values to reach statistical significance.

Nevertheless, there were obvious trends that demonstrated changes that were considered meaningful. The studies presented here and the studies by Guo and colleagues [ 23 ] are the first reports to demonstrate directly that NPS induces immune memory responses in rats and mice, respectively. Furthermore, these immune responses are multifaceted. In addition to showing that Tem and Tcm cells are present in blood and spleens in both studies, the study here further shows that there is a robust innate immune response in the liver and spleens of rats treated with NPS for HCC.

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Tamaya's Recruitment (Don't Change Book 3) - Kindle edition by Joshua Edwards, Andrea Via. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Zombies Rising (To Fight, To Learn, To Love Book 1) . Don't Change: Tamaya's Recruitment (Volume 3) Don't Change: Joshua's Recruitment (Volume 1).

I think this is a great adventure book with lots of action, which I love. I recommend the book to 4th grade and up, because there are some hard words to read. I give this book an 8 out of 10 stars. This book is a part of a series of five. I am going to read them all. I like this book because I like James Patterson. If you have already read and liked his other books, you should try this book about sea ninjas. Dav Pilkey is a great author and artist because he writes the Dog Man books and the Captain Underpants books.

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