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The Order of Odd-Fish is a debut children's novel by James Kennedy. The book was first published on August 12, through Delacorte Books for Young . The Order of Odd-Fish has ratings and reviews. Amanda said: It's difficult to decide what I should say about this book. If I could sum the nove.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Listen to a stream of the songs I chose for an imaginary "movie soundtrack" for Odd-Fish, and read why I chose them. Lots of different stuff: French ye-ye, Kinshasa street bands, pseudo-classical, puzzling blippity-bloopity music, and more. I used to be in a band called Brilliant Pebbles. We had been variously described as "melodramatic video game music," "moon-man opera," and "gypsy sex metal.

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You can download our EP from Amazon here. There's an audiobook of The Order of Odd-Fish. It's masterfully read by the Audie award-winning Jessica Almasy, whom I was lucky enough to interview here.

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My feud with Neil Gaiman. It all started when I revealed Gaiman's dark secret: The feud escalated when I tackled his doppelganger at the American Library Association and won the Newbery from him, fair and square.

March 17, 2014

It was resolved when I confronted the real Neil Gaiman in person before an audience of hundreds , revealed his true origin of his lustrous black hair, and serenaded him with Katy Perry's "Firework. In the meantime, March 9 was my birthday! Heather and I celebrated by taking Lucy and Ingrid to see Frozen , but the girls both freaked out when the snow monster appeared. We had to leave.

The Order of Odd-Fish: Chapter 1, Part 2 [Full Cast Fan-Made Audio Project]

Clearly 41 years old is not quite as spectacular as 25 all-night party in Tokyo! That design was exactly the vibe I was going for when I wrote it.

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There are some delightfully odd characters, like villain Ken Kiang who got into evil after growing bored of everything else; an amazing colourful world filled with thousands of strange gods and neighbourhoods; and a few ideas that strangely stick with you like the idea that the world as we know it exists on the surface of a crumpled ball of paper. My favourite scene was definitely the part where some charmingly racist old-people mistook a giant talking cockroach for a Canadian and spent a couple pages berating him.

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I will say that one of my sticking points with the book is the age of the heroine. Jo is 13, and for the most part this has little to no effect on the plot, although having her take care of her elderly aunt, work a full-time job, and drive is a bit of a stretch. However, her eventual love interest in the book also attracts the attentions of a mob boss.

Something that probably could have been avoided just by making Jo a few years older with no other changes. I guess I would give it a B grade.

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