Transcending Expectations

A fashion show transcending expectations

They say we are melodramatic and unable to make a decision and stick to it. But can you blame us? Even though the infrastructure of the job market has changed, societal expectation has not, and the pressure to succeed is greater now than ever before. Millennials are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure to be better than generations before us without changing the path to that greatness.

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To be better, we must improve. And to improve, we must adopt new ways of doing things. We cannot continue to use the same recipe and hope for tastier results. So where do we go from here? Many of us are in the trial-and-error stage of finding the new and improved way to go into the future, and we need to come to terms with the fact that we are in transition.

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Of course, there will be "lag time. Once we can accept that, we can continue our search for the life we desire, whatever that may be. Despite our desire to move forward, we still seem to fall back onto traditional viewpoints. We see them living comfortably with their traditional choices and we feel inadequate, behind—we feel failure and uncertainty.

We should not see them happy with their lives and assume that we will find the same happiness or success if we follow their path. So why do we continue to nitpick the similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers? It is unquestionably normal to still be figuring it out.

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We are focused on trying to find ourselves so that we can figure out where we fit in this world. We have time; we should take advantage of it so that we are able to make a well-educated decision about our lives, the driving forces in them, and the outcomes we are hopeful for.

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Wilfred Fisher is an engineer, writer and poet. He has an Transcending Expectations - Kindle edition by Wilfred Fisher. As a follow up story to the book, "The Unplayer, Playa!", Transcending Expectations is an urban based fiction that features an eccentric group of characters and a.

When I am feeling unsure about my timing and decision making process, my mother always reminds me that we have our whole lives to work. We can and should take our time figuring out what we want to live for. The past Friday at Sheraton Addis, the air was struck with glamour.


Collections from leading local bag designers hit the runway. The event was organised by Prologue, a Public Relations Firm and Cactus Communications with the goal of supporting local designers primarily women and aiding children living in extreme poverty. The evening started with a pre-show cocktail party, while an army of people prepared behind the scenes with quick fixes and last-minute changes; guests, invitees and dignitaries mingled with each other around the Lalibela Ballroom.

Dream Builders Australia www. The pop-up shops continued through the next day, and designers where selling bags from their collections. As customers become accustomed to the digital experience offered by companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, they expect the same level of customer experience from their financial service providers. Despite your current degree of having-it-together-ness, try not to compare yourself to others. They do not care whether you are a bank or a fin-tech company.

While engaging tribal music played at the background, eighteen females, three male and two child models walked along the runway exhibiting meticulously designed bag collections from nine designers. The ensemble presented their works, each with a different inspiration that were specifically created for the Bag Show collection. The models were wearing attires designed by Paradise Fashion, a company known for its hand woven Ethiopian materials.

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Its owner Genet Kebede said: Yasser and I decided it would be best to use grey and black as theme colours. The colours, in addition with the simple and elegant casual look, created a great contrast that helped showcase the bags. Thankfully, people have taken notice and gave their appreciations.

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The make-up for the models was done by Sheba Bouton, a Virginia-based Ethiopian makeup artist.