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I put the entire blame on my master. So He raised Him up a junkyard dog to take care of it. Of everything you accuse me of, Ruckman is a thousands times more guilty than I am, and yet you praise him and defend him. That is cultish behavior. Look to Christ and not man, as He will never fail you. There might be Greek lexicons that list that as one of the pagan meanings.

The first few I looked up referred to dung instead of flies. Ruckman can be found quoting from lexicons, then at other times, look at what he writes:. Again, we shall place all of the Greek Lexicons and Grammarians in the trash can — with the Commentaries, expositions and exegetes… Ruckman, Peter.

Ruckman's Bible References by Peter S. Ruckman

I own his reference Bible. I have seen the man preach and I own a decent collection of his books. You have to take Ruckman with a grain of salt. He is the foremost authority on the King James Bible. You have to get through all his name calling and criticisms and just draw out his knowledge. He fully admits that he is not a nice person he is never trying to be a nice person. I am not saying you have to like Ruckman, I am just saying that you need to pull out his doctrine and his knowledge of the scripture because they are both sound.

Read some of his books. He only starts when someone messes with The Bible. Even if his doctrine was sound, Ruckman is more guilty of violating Titus 2: Sound speech, that cannot be condemned ; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. We have already done so, which is evident by the abundance of quotes from his writings on this website. His writings should not be recommended to anyone, especially young Christians or the unconverted.

His books only serve to demonstrate what happens when one becomes full of himself and allows the root of bitterness to take hold of his heart. I have read little of Ruckman. I believe him to be very harsh, and some of what he says unbelieveable…both literally and figuratively. I own only one of his books.

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Ruckman's Bible References has 14 ratings and 1 review. Joshua Foote said: Lots of decent insights the insights are very good almost wish there were mo. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, President and founder of Pensacol Bible Inst, has been teaching Biblical languages for over.

If you have committed one sin, you are just as guilty under God as someone who has committed a thousand sins. Thank you for commenting. I can not find anything doctrinaly wrong with the man. It is a shame that I find the so called scholars who add to the bible, or take things away from the bible KJV. You will always find some translator who messes with KJV will always put their religous prefferences in it.

You say you can find nothing doctrinally wrong with Ruckman, and you even complain of those who add to the Bible, yet Ruckman on this very page you commented on is documented as teaching that Adam had a water circulation system in place of blood! Where is that in the Bible? Ruckman is the one who is off doctrinally, and adding to what the Bible says. Someone is straining at a gnat and swallowing the camel. What I know is that he told us every time something that he taught was what he thought and may or may not be.

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Get a life people. Doc has to answer to God, not you or me. We pointed out to you that although Adam had no blood, as such, when he was created, he had a circulatory system of water with was changed to blood orally by the forbidden fruit. We pointed out the documented, scriptural evidence for such a belief and pointed out to you that this could not be found in any commentary written on Genesis… Theological Studies. I have seen a quote in which he used less certain language about Adam supposedly having a water circulatory system, but in the above he claims outright that it is documented and scriptural.

And if he is not sure about something, he has no right to bash those who disagree and call them all sorts of names. If I am wrong for exposing Ruckman in the meantime, then Ruckman is one hundred times more guilty than I am of doing what you accuse me of. I have only heard of this man recently, but he is deeply troubling.

Scripturally, Ruckman is unqualified to be pastor for many reasons, including his marriage failures and his use of scriptures to make wild proclamations and strange doctrines. I have RRB and think it is great. Personaly I have a better note Bible than his. I believe you both do a fine job a criticising each other, and hope it works out for you at the judgement. As for me I will stand with Dr.

But only what they USE. I bought Ruckman reference Bible and I found it so very interesting and even enjoy reading more the bible.. Flies are certainly associated with dung, but Strong gives a different interpretation for the Hebrew:. I salute you for the good work that you have done on this site. I was considering purchasing this bible and you have made me aware of the contents therein. I totally agree that this mans comment in his bible are not appropriate.

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What I think people may find enticing is the shear volume of information contained in the bible itself. I understand that quality is better than quantity. Thanks again for this ministry of making everyone aware. Would it be okay with you if I linked to this page from my website? Sexual activity is not marriage? Old Testament law says that if a woman and man were found together, the man humbling her, one had to pay a dowry for marriage. I dont agree with everything Ruckman says, but some of his beliefs ring true and what I admire of him is that he challenges the established way of thinking.

Also, I also feel that some of the material here has been not represented fairly, as one pointed out. List the proof texts! If those really had no merit to them, then what is the matter? An objective scholar will, whether it was ridiculous or not. You need to take a good look at the KJV Bible, not references, and then make your judgment about how Doc forms his comments. The KJV Bible is not an easy book to read. It has a lot more harsh statements than doc ever makes in his writings. Look at what the Lord says about Pharisees, homosexuals, proud, etc.

Many people just look at God as a God of Love. Ask Pharaoh and his army in the bottom of Red Sea if that is what they think. I never met doc personally but I have read some of his books. Doc is flesh and blood like anybody else. I heard a few tapes of his preaching and I know one thing. The man knows God better than many, many other people I ever met. I have met him personally you are correct. Many will be surprised when Lord returns they are expecting a meet and lowly galilean….. Perhaps it would help to re read the KJV before putting down an excellent reference Bible.

Your quote was very revealing, because it stated that some whites were known to have been involved in this activity as well. Did Ruckman mention this to provide some context and balance? Your quote helped make my point. Is it the only one you have read? I am just curious as there are a few far superior ones in comparison.

Within the past two years ,I have begun to listen to some of Dr. I have never learned so much about the bible. Ruckman is not my captian, Jesus Christ is my captain. I have taken a likening to many great bible teachers from many differnt walks, such as the late Dr. Adrian Rogers, and often attended Bellevue where he pastored, all of them great, but all them flawed because they were human.

I take everything I hear with a grain of salt, as there is NO teacher who is one hundred percent correct. Yes we should be carful with Ruckman, but we should also be careful with everybody. And if we ever have an argument, it must always be with the teacher and never the bible. Oh how often we attack others for simply speaking the truth.

I have a great many study Bibles. I want to preface what I am about to say with the fact that I am no stranger to Ruckman or his teachings. I used to read his books and listen to his preaching and teaching. I own a few of his works. I used to think Ruckman was the best preacher I ever heard, and I honestly wanted to emulate him. As I matured in the faith I began to think otherwise. The Ruckman Reference Bible is not worth the money one pays. I have found that just as with his books the Reference Bible could be pared down by about two-thirds; not the scriptures, the notes and appendices.

Just as with his books and articles he spouts random information, lists, numbers and so forth which mean nothing in the light of scripture. That is a major contention I have with the work. I hate when people ramble and provide informationless information. I want people to get to the point, use the least amount of words as possible, and stay on topic. Ruckman fails miserably in that category. As for the exegesis of scripture, he really lacks the appropriate context for some of what he teaches. He opts for personal eisegesis instead of letting the scriptures speak.

Ruckman Books etc.

For example, he teaches angels all appear as year- old males. He piles on a few passages to prove this, but nothing in scripture reveals the age of angels when they appear to man. He claims women will be males in heaven, and miserably applies something out of context to back up that claim. I have the following King James Bible study Bibles: If you cannot study on your own then it will be easy to fall for some doctrinal errors which men are able to expound upon and make sound, well, sound.

I am a trained preacher of the word and do not often use the study Bibles except as references. I find some of them are excellent for helping refute the errors taught therein. It took very little reading of his notes and references to realize my hopes were wrong. I was not surprised as I knew his teachings. For those able to stand strong meat and discern truth I would recommend two study Bibles.

The Companion Bible the more technical of the two I recommend as it gets quite deep and can be hard to use if you do not understand the system Bullinger employed. Many sound preachers I know have this work in their library. One study note states Christians need to take care not to become cannibals where the Paul states Christians ought not to consume one another if they bite and devour one another. All things being stated, I find Ruckman a dangerous teacher, especially for the unlearned, novice, or misled. Steer clear of his study Bible.

Editorial Reviews

Can You Trust the Modern Scholars? When you partake of blood, orally, you are violating three Testaments Gen. The Lair Of the Dragon: You stupid dirty lying FOOL! He opts for personal eisegesis instead of letting the scriptures speak.

Ask the Lord to reveal what the Scriptures say through a plain, old KJB; and, be sure to compare scripture with scripture. Remember that the Bible never contradicts. Beyond that, consider the four study Bibles I recommended before shelling out money to waste on the Ruckman Reference Bible.

The others are cheaper and more profitable spiritually. Ruckman Reference Bible Black Cowhide. The "errors" in the King James Bible. About the Author Dr. Bible Baptist Bookstore Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Due to his lack of patience and antagonistic methods of presenting information, it is not easy to understand most of what Ruckman teaches because his style is distracting and not easy to follow.

For example when he argues in favor of the Gap Theory of creation using Gen 1: The reasoning for coming to this conclusion Ruckman says a 4th grader could figure out on his own. But he does not explain the theory in his notes. I believe Henry Morris and the Institute for Creation Research explained their opposing view accurately and completely but Ruckman doesn't really explain his rationale very well.

But, he stands up for the Authorized Version and his notes on that are invaluable. So for his notes in this book in defense of the AV is why I give him 4 stars. Kindle Customer Top Contributor: Well, it's the perfect reference, verse by verse, to see where the copies have been changed making most bibles paraphrases and not the true work of God.

Doctor Ruckman is rough and gruff because of the life he has led and the abuse to which he is subjected daily. He does not handle it with modestly or humility, but if you take the meat of what is written and ignore the scathing remarks, you have one of the best learning and teaching tools available to explain why you should put no faith in the copyrighted works of men who are just trying to make money and fame for themselves and further private agendas. The first book that I bought from Dr. Ruckman that taught me how to "rightly divide" that Book!

It's only way to study His Word and to make sense of it if your honest with it! You have to like Rickman to like his stuff. The heretical teachings on these books by Hyper-dispensationalists, Catholics, and Campbellites are examined and explained by the Scriptures. General Epistles Commentary Volume 2: Particular emphasis is given to the double applications that can be made of certain passages. The Gap Fact by Perry Demopoulos. This work is not a representation of the 'creation or theistic - evolutionistic' position; that God created Gen.

The young earth 'creation' movement makes an overanxious attempt to reject theistic evolution unfortunatelly at the expense of sound Bible doctrine. With the simple methods of Biblical interpretation: There is more scriptureal evidence for the gap fact - much more than modern 'Christian science' cf. A Deadly Piece of Dirt.

Ruckman traces the spiritual decline of Israel from the prophets of the Old Testament to the Reformed and Orthodox theology of today. Also how God has restored Israel to its present political state and beyond in fulfillment of His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Book of Song of Solomon. At last, the final commentary in the Wisdom Books series.

In the Song of Solomon, Dr. Ruckman covers the doctrinal, practical and devotional aspects of the most enigmatic book in the Scriptures. Emphasis is placed on the typology of the book, showing the special relationship between Christ and His Church. A commentary based on Dr. Ruckman's Sunday School classes on Judges and Ruth. Ruckman shows how the Old Testament judges are pictures of Christ at His Second Advent, the historical roots of Roman Catholicism are examined, and practical application is made to the Christian in his war against sin.

Ruckman discusses the great doctrinal typology of the book in regards to New Testament Redemption. He also makes evangelistic and practical applications in regards to the sinner's responsibility to accept and follow Christ as his Saviour and Lord. The eternal security of the born-again believer is established as Bible doctrine for this age, and every major Biblical reference is covered. This book reveals the astonishing truth about the new Bible versions. The result of an exhaustive, six-year collation of the new Bible versions; examines the manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons, and dictionaries behind the new versions, exposing their occult origins and contents.

Theological Studies Volume 1. A Complete Series on the Study of God. Theological Studies Volume 2. A Comprehensive Study of Bible Doctrines. Where do The Dead Go? No one can tell for sure where he will go when he dies unless he believes what the Bible says about the subject.

Explains life after death before and after Calvary. In this Church Age there is much confusion on the subject of the Rapture. Is there just one Ratprue, or is there no Rapture at all? Here is sound Scriptural teaching on this very important topic. The Book of Joshua. Ruckman's Sunday School classes on the first of the historical books of the Old Testament.

It deals with the historical accuracy of the conquest of Canaan under Israel's greatest general and the miracles associated with it. Special attention is given to the prophetic application of the book to the Second Advent and to the practical applications that can be made to the Christian's spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh, and the Devil. The geography of the book is tied into associated events in the rest of the Old Testament, with a map at the end to help the reader locate the major cities in Joshua, as well as the division of the tribes in the land. The Books of Ezra, Nehamiah, Esther.

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther Deals with the historic and prophetic material on the restoration of Israel. Shows that these three books are not just "dead" history, but current events leading to the reign of Christ. The Bible Baptist Bookstore has received several requests for this material, so we decided to put it back in print as booklet form.

This material is taken from Theological Studies Volume II and deals with faith, repentance, forgiveness, what happens when a person believes on Christ, assurance of salvation, and would like to know how to be saved. If you would like to put an easy-to-understand explanation to a lost sinner of how to be saved and born again, then this is it. We hope you find it useful in your witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Professional Liars in Action. Ruckman thoroughly refutes a pamphlet called Translations on Trial: Is Your bible the Word of God?

He lists, in the second half of this booklet, forty-two cases where Gromacki's preferred version, the NIV, is grossly in error. How to Teach The Bible. She calls herself "Holy Mother Church. The Damnation of a Nation. The Key to Sanity. Exodus is treated as and accurate historical account of the persons and events surrounding the beginnings of the nation of Israel.

The attacks of the scholars upon the text are critiqued from a believing point of view. Moses is shown as a type of Christ and the Tabernacle as a picture of New Testament salvation. Future application to the Tribulation is shown; and updated, colorful interpretations of the people and events are given. One of the most misinterpreted books of the Bible. This commentary will be welcomed by anyone interested in doctrine. The question of authorship is covered, along with textual difficulties and misapplications of Tribulation passages to the Body of Christ.

On March 14, , Dr. Through the 67 years he has served the Lord, his vision and his burden was to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ and to teach people that we have a Bible that is perfect and infallible that you can hold in your hands - the Authorized King James Version. From this desire, Pensacola Bible Institute was started. Signs, Wonders and Miracles by James W. This is a complete scriptural evaluation of the phenomenon of tongues and slaying in the spirit, as well as a detailed exposition of the Biblical doctrine of sickness and healing.

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This book will not only instruct the Bible believer, but is written so that the charismatic may read and learn without offense. A collection of 65 of Dr. Ruckman's sermon outlines with their accompanying illustrations as Dr. Ruckman drew them in his "Chalk Talks. Illustrated Sermons by Dr. A study of the book of Daniel from Dr. Covers the many practical applications for the Christian living, and examines contemporary false teachings taken from the text, the attacks of the higher critics, and some of the Apocryphal additions to the book.

Presents a believing, yet balanced, approach to the prophetic material in Daniel, while evaluating the teachings of some of the main commentators on the text. Ruckman's teaching charts on the book of Daniel. The history of music from its heavenly origins down to today's earthly perversions. A unique examination of music in its various forms.

Bible Study Charts and Outlines. An illustrated time line, starting in Genesis 1: This is the commentary on the two most important Pauline epistles for the new convert 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Philemon. In this commentary, Dr. Ruckman gives a detailed exegesis of the epistles of Paul whose specific themese are the Rapture and the Second Advent. Ruckman's teaching from the short book of Philemon taken from rare transcribed studies not available in any other format. Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians. These books are the heart of the Pauline epistles Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians - the doctrinal and practical teachings of the Apostle to the Gentiles.

The heresies of hyper-Calvinism and hyper-Dispensationalism are dealt with, and a history of philosophy is given in Colossians. Here is a thorough Biblical "slam" on the whole tongue-speaking spirit-slaying promise-keeping mess. A Christian's guide to the King James Bible. A scholarly, yet readable, defense of the King James Bible that also addresses those issues rarely discussed by critics of the Book.

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Given by Inspiration by William Grady. In the closing days of the Church Age, the King James Bible is under the greatest attack of its year history. This volume is not just a rehash of the standard King James Bible debate but rather a multifaceted study promoting the uncontested final authority of the A.

Ruckman's Sunday School teaching, the work covers the textual distinctives of the Gospel of Mark, with the attacks of the textual and higher critics discussed and refuted. The doctrinal progress of the gospel message from the ministry of Christ to its proclamation in the Acts of the Apostles is traced. Roman Catholic teachings on the Passion Week and the Crucifixion are shown to be legends and myths. As in all the commentaries in this series, Dr. Ruckman, in his own signature way, makes practical applications to the life of the believer as well as as an evangelistic emphasis for the lost.

A military record of the Biblical apostasy of modern Christianity.

Ruckmsn’s Reference Bible (KJV)

Ruckman documents the assaults and attacks against the word of God by the Alexandrian Cult in their own correspondence.