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Staple American pastries like Oreos and Pop Tarts are redefined as homey treats that achieve a surprising elegance. Nigella Lawson is one of Britain's most influential food writers, and a brilliant home cook. How to Be a Domestic Goddess, her award-winning cookbook, sold more than , copies. Nigella Bites, another great success, featured enticing recipes made with minimum effort.

In Forever Summer, Nigella Lawson shares her favorite warm-weather recipes that will give readers that "lazy summer feeling" all year long. The editor of Fresh From Maine: The culinary scene is thriving. Young chefs can easily make their living with a low cost, high quality lifestyle that is available, in abundance, in Maine. The book is divided by region: Sanders takes the reader up the coast restaurant by restaurant, chef by chef, and recipe by recipe. Some of the recipes look good, others look fantastic. Sure, you can try and reproduce the experience at home. But better to let Maine make it for you!

Cooking with Chef Johnny Vee

Fresh from the Market might be an elegant cookbook geared towards the home chef, but it contains valuable insights for professionals looking to marry a farm-fresh perspective with refined cuisine. The book is portioned into chapters by season, with a comprehensive list of seasonal ingredients and recipes progressing from the cocktail and amuse bouche all the way to entrees and desserts. With juxtapositions like this Tourendel succeeds in making gourmet cuisine seem as comfortably familiar as it is in his many restaurants.

Fried chicken and a glass of Champagne? And she combines high- and low-brow foods with gusto in Fried Chicken and Champagne. Using her trademark free-hand style of cooking and readily available ingredients, Rachael makes "having people over" seem effortless. She offers helpful cooking and organizing tips throughout. When it comes to entertaining, Rachael believes that less is more. Keep it simple, and you will enjoy your own party more.

Her recipes will make you look "way cool. During the heady glory days of haute cuisine in the s, gourmands from around the world dined at fine restaurants in Paris, Lyons, Roanne, and other parts of France. Chef Girardet entered semiretirement in , and now, 20 years after the publication of his landmark first cookbook, the eagerly anticipated second book has arrived.

Over classic recipes are presented, including signature dishes with such classic Girardet ingredients as foie gras, truffles, and citrus. For Al Brown, chef by trade and lifelong fisherman by avocation, "to catch a fish and then cook it, as simple as it may sound, brings me more gratification than almost anything else. Brown generously shares his idiosyncratic and highly personal relationship with fishing, giving readers a sense of ownership and responsibility similar to what he himself learned as a young boy.

After an introduction recounting his first formative muddy days of creek-side eel fishing to his first experience of fishing in the sea, Brown delves into dishes that feature New Zealand's best and lesser-known species. And the chef's philosophy of cooking as simply as possible, which he practices daily at Wellington's Logan Brown, allows the unadulterated purity of the fish to shine through in every dish, making this cookbook as much a regional representation of New Zealand seafood as cooking guide. With sophisticated recipes that encourage experimentation and flexibility, as well as tips that distill not only practical but cultural savvy, Go Fish acts like a literary initiation into the rich tradition and culinary culture of New Zealand fishing.

Francoise Bernard and Alain Ducasse make for an unusual, yet highly complimentary culinary pairing. Francoise Bernard is the author of one of the touchstones of French cooking, Les Recettes Faciles, which has inspired generations of cooks. She continues to reach millions of her countrywomen with her message of economical, simple cooking via her television appearances. Alain Ducasse is a master chef and restauranteur know the world over for his three star Michelin restaurants in Paris and Monaco, and for the extraordinary experience he offers those who dine at Ducasse in Manhattan.

They move in different spheres, yet are heirs to a common culinary tradition. She elevates simple dishes like muffins, pancakes, and cookies with unusual flavor profiles—waffles are spiced with ginger, carrot, orange, and corn-flour; bran muffins enlivened by amaranth, molasses, and dried fruit. Gordon Ramsay has become the celebrity chef of the moment with his imaginative interpretations of classic British food at his eponymous London restaurant. His new cookbook showcases his signature dishes, and as the title suggests, highlights his infatuation with the seasonal produce of the English countryside.

While some of the recipes seem repetitive his unpretentious cooking looks earthy and flavorful, and unlike the overly complex recipes in many celebrity-chef tomes many of Ramsay dishes can be replicated in the home kitchen. Working under the likes of Adria and UK culinary powerhouse Ramsay, Atherton developed his own imaginative approach to cuisine that is both ambitious and firmly rooted in fundamentals. Wagyu beef, ras el hanout, Scottish salmon, preserved lemons for a modern upscale take on tapas. Jamie Oliver believes in finding the best ingredients and making tasty, easy, social meals.

Like his first two bestselling cookbooks, Happy Days is filled with fantastic salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads, and desserts for all occasions. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then rejoice, because your adulthood sequel has been released. This whimsical book flees from grownup preoccupations with practicality and convenience. Raichlen has taught millions of Americans how to transform low-fat cooking into culinary triumph by using intense flavors and savvy cooking techniques.

The maximum flavor and minimum fuss of high-heat cooking can now be yours year-round, whether outdoors on the grill or indoors in your oven. Roasting and grilling have become his signature, and High Heat heralds the arrival of this brilliant approach for home cooks.

Featuring savory recipes adaptable for both open-flame grilling and hot-oven cooking, High Heat is the first cookbook to offer home cooks this kind of flexibility. In fact, most of the recipes, which are fast and easy to follow, include simple variations for both kinds of cooking so that you can enjoy your favorite flavors whatever the weather or time of year. Both oven roasting and open-flame grilling rely on high heat to bring out the most delicious and fundamental flavors of any food—caramelizing the natural sugars and turning the foods golden brown.

The recipes in High Heat are designed for the home cook—no long ingredient lists or all-day preparations required. A father himself, Malouf has chosen recipes that will appeal to the whole family. The use of just a few ingredients and basic cooking techniques make these dishes easy to prepare for weeknights as well as special occasions.

High-heat cooking is both quick and healthy, intensifying flavors without requiring additional fat or calories. So turn up the heat and prepare a knockout meal in your oven or on your grill. Gillian Duffy, culinary editor for New York magazine, presents an array of hors d'oeuvres, as delicious as they are attractive, to take us through the year. With expertise and enthusiasm, Gillian offers her own creations as well as recipes from top New York City chefs and caterers.

Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book whet the appetite and make this a splendid gift. Best of all, the recipes are easy enough to be prepared in anyone's home kitchen. Whether the event is flamboyant or low key, classic or cutting edge, Hors d'Oeuvres offers just what's needed to kick off a party or start a meal with style. Here's the breakthrough one-stop cooking reference for today's generation of cooks! Nationally Known cooking authority Mark Bittman has written a comprehensive book for every cook-aspiring and experienced-who longs for simple recipes that yield delicious food.

It is for first-time cooks who want to learn the basics of good cooking from a reliable, contemporary source. It is for cook who are time-pressed and need to get healthful meals on the table with a minimum of fuss. It is for old pros who yearn to brighten their repertoires with innovative recipes and tempting flavors. How to Cook Everything contains over recipes and variations for all occasions that reflect the way we cook today. David Rosengarten has created a definitive cookbook of truly American favorites, ranging from coast to coast, back into the past, and into the cuisines that have merged with the American mainstream in recent decades.

The companion book to a new part public television series debuting in the fall of A fabulous book for people who love to cook! To Jacques Pepin, every meal is a celebration. And his delight in creating delicious offerings for family and friends is contagious as he shares the secrets of meals he has prepared over the years for holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings. For us to have all this information in our hands, fully illustrated and explained, is indeed a treasure. Jamie's Kitchen -- the book -- is laid out as a cooking course and will inspire readers of all levels.

Some of the cooking techniques included are making salads, cooking without heat, poaching and boiling, steaming, stewing and braising, roasting, grilling, and baking. In the process, Jamie shares one-of-a-kind, delicious recipes, such as prosciutto and pecorino, citrus-seared tuna with crispy noodles, herbs, and chili; smoked haddock risotto; and baked chocolate pudding.

Traditional and authentic, the food in this book will make you want to cook, and then take a trip to Italy to thank the contributors for their Sicilian Lobster Broth and Pear Sorbet. The hot pot is a Japanese culinary tradition: Perfect for comforting weeknight meals to stave off the cold, hot pots can accommodate a variety of ingredients, although they are most gratifying when prepared with the flavorful stocks of Japanese cuisine. Chef Ono and food journalist Salat offer a primer on the building blocks of hot pots, from umami-rich stocks to hot-pot specific cooking tips.

Recipes include extra information on lesser known Japanese ingredients and techniques, ensuring that even the unacquainted cook will produce a hot pot worthy of the tradition. Interested in terrific food? The first thing to do is buy this book. Then clear your calendar for the next days. At a recipe a day, that's how long it will take to go from cover to cover.

Buy this book and kiss your old life goodbye. You won't regret it. Kentucky is a region unto itself, with culinary traditions and local ingredients that give its food distinctive character. He shares the secrets of his culinary success in this tell-all recipe guide to Kentucky cuisine. The Joy of Mixology brings a new understanding to the world of cocktails and how to make them.

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Expert author Gary Regan's unprecedented innovation is the fresh look he takes at various "families" of drinks. CIA-trained Bourdain, currently the executive chef of the celebrated Les Halles, wrote two culinary mysteries before his first and infamous New Yorker essay launched this frank confessional about the lusty and larcenous real lives of cooks and restaurateurs. He is obscenely eloquent, unapologetically opinionated, and a damn fine storyteller--a Jack Kerouac of the kitchen.

He also includes a glossary of regional ingredients with substitutions for the international audience. Understated elegance for home cooks in plus impeccable recipes from New York's only four-star seafood restaurant. Thirty of the famous desserts are here, too. Adapted for home kitchens, all of the selections in the Le Bernardin Cookbook can be prepared with a minimum of fuss, and many of them feature Gilbert Le Coze's simple, delicate herb-infused vinaigrettes and nages. But it's not just about food in this renowned Chicago hot spot.

It's about a subtle relationship between food, wine, ambiance, and service--a relationship Trotter has perfected by hiring passionate staff with the ability to surpass his incredibly high standards. In Lessons in Service, journalist Edmund Lawler reveals the secrets behind Trotter's unequaled success and shows other businesses how to improve their levels of service. From the reinvention of French food through the fine dining revolution in America, Daniel Boulud has been a witness to and a creator of today's food culture. In Letters to a Young Chef, Boulud speaks not only of how to make a career as a chef in today's world, but also of why one should want to do so in the first place.

As he himself puts it, it is "a tasty life. Part memoir, part advice book, part cookbook, part reverie, this delicious new book will delight and enlighten chefs of all kinds, from passionate amateurs to serious professionals. This new offering from Puck's kitchen is composed of favorite recipes featured on his Food Network show. This is a roots cookbook through and through, and the first lesson to learn is that in Louisiana, the roots run deep. Acadian, Creole, north Louisiana, south Louisiana, Bayou, country, city--each figures into the mix, and Emeril explores them all.

He shows you gumbos that can be made with a French roux, African okra, or a file from the indigenous Indians. There are famous Meat Pies from Natchitoches, Louisiana; Creole dishes like Catfish Pecan Meuniere; and classic etouffees, jambalayas, and fricassees--the one-pot meals that are the heart of Acadian a. New paperback edition of the classic. Among the sublime tastes elegantly presented here: A complete cooking course in one volume! In Made in Spain: The recipes start with a brief story about the inspiration or background behind it. Perfectly pristine ingredients, combined sensibly and cooked properly, are the unmistakable hallmarks of the best Italian food.

Now, for the first time, more than of his irresistible recipes for fresh pastas, sprightly salads, grilled dishes, savory ragus, and many others are gathered in Simple Italian Food, a celebration of the flavors and spirit of Italy. But Bosley is a cook at heart, a cook in the kitchen and a cook at home. Forty years ago Mastering the Art of French Cooking ignited America's passion for good food, and brought that food into our homes. It remains as essential today as it was then--a great teaching cookbook and the preeminent French cookbook for the American kitchen. These chefs work their magic with beef, lamb, veal, and pork in combination of a variety of both white and sweet potatoes.

Roasted, braised, or grilled, turned into soups, salads, croquettes or stews, these ingredients are the stuff of endless possibilities. Until now, American home cooks have had few authorities to translate the heart of this world-class cuisine to everyday cooking. With more than recipes, chef, author and teacher Rick Bayless provides the inspirations and guidance that home cooks have needed. Fascinating cultural background and practical cooking tips help readers to understand these preparations and make them their own.

Throughout, the intrepid Bayless brings chiles into focus, revealing that Mexican cooks use these pods for flavor, richness, color and, yes, sometimes for heat. He details the simple techniques for getting the best out of every chile-from the rich, smoky chipotle to the incendiary but fruity habanero. In purely technical terms, Modernist Cuisine is a comprehensive codification of culinary techniques.

In cultural terms, the fact that it spans five volumes, covers topics in meticulous scientific depth, and essentially transforms the fundamental approach to modern cooking, makes it a culinary revolution, printed and bound. And with volumes including History and Fundamentals, Techniques and Equipment, Animals and Plants, Ingredients and Preparations, and Plated Dish Recipes—with a Kitchen Manual, because let's face it, you're out of you're league—they're exploring and explaining everything from the hows and whys of traditional methods to the science behind the vanguard techniques of the last 30 years.

And all this from a project that began as an exposition of sous vide and food safety which Myhrvold covers in unprecedented depth in Volume One. Bisected photographs give immediate visual logic to explanations of technique and product, making this an indispensable reference guide for any cook, chef, or visionary looking to keep pace with—or even dream beyond—the technical, conceptual, poetic precision of modern cuisine. Mourad New Moroccan is like an invitation to encounter cuisine the way its author did: An economics PhD candidate with no professional culinary ambitions, Mourad Lahlou came to cooking by accident—or, more accurately, by tradition, nostalgically reviving and building upon the foodways of his Moroccan homeland.

And with Mourad New Moroccan , Lahlou shares how he bridged the gap between the okra and lamb stews of his bustling family home in Casablanca and the refined contours of his award-winning cuisine at Aziza. With My Favorite Ingredients, Gygnell shares her sixteen most beloved ingredients, all seasonal and sustainable, from Asparagus to Vinegar to Honey and, of course, Chocolate.

Chef and recipe columnist for the Independent on Sunday, Gygnell takes a few justifiable liberties under certain broader ingredients categories like Leaves, for instance, where she expounds upon the virtues of purslane, escarole, and watercress, among others. But as a w hole the book is a dedication by Gygnell to the roster of products that keep her mouth happy and her kitchen running. Prolific Chef and Louisiana champion John Besh presents this ode to his hometown in a format that straddles memoir and cookbook.

Especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the environs seem like a precious but essential element of Americana, with its regional specialty cuisine providing the equivalent of a spice-and-sugar-rim on the national cocktail. With this beautifully illustrated book, Besh aims to preserve the mosaic of regional flavors of Louisiana. With an emphasis on the distinctive ingredients that make up Louisiana cooking, Besh breaks down the book by ingredients, region, and events.

Chefs unfamiliar with Louisiana can use this native-made resource to incorporate the exotic flavors and textures of New Orleans into their cooking. From the artistic freedoms of the Vienna Secession to the nightlife culture of cabaret, Austria is a land of artistic and cultural interdependencies. Now Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page bring together some of the foremost culinary authorities to reveal how to use different flavors and techniques to create a new level of culinary artistry.

New York Cooks collects the best recipes from these issues, showcasing the creations of the city's greatest chefs. Their mouth-watering dishes can be easily made at home-they've all been tested-without spending the whole day in the kitchen. Nobu Matsuhisa needs little introduction. With his multinational and ever expanding empire of 13 restaurants in the United States, Italy, France and Japan he has become the most talked-about restaurateur of recent years and arguably the world's greatest sushi chef. The Cookbook—his first cookbook in any language—Nobu reveals the secrets to his food and indeed the essence of all Japanese cuisine: Some restaurants trade on more than providing food—they provide an experience.

When a cookbook bears the name of such a restaurant that cookbook has a lot to live up to. Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine does not miss the mark. The beauty of his cookbook is that the same attention paid to the process of creating this cuisine is paid to the dishes themselves. Redzepi's journal published alongside the recipes give meaning to the gorgeous plating techniques of culinary feats. As is the book; with its bold style, evocative photography, and awe-inspiring recipes, the second Noma Cookbook begs for a place on your bookshelf.

Here he provides recipes which will help home cooks master this glorious cooking style with ease. And then there are Our Just Desserts: On the Line is a colorful and entertaining in-depth look at almost everything about New York institution Le Bernardin. Chef Eric Ripert reveals details of all aspects of the restaurant: This cookbook, by the chef and co-owner of Tabla in New York, demystifies the flavors of Indian cooking and shows you how to use them in dishes that range from simple soups to flavorful chutneys.

The food world's brightest new star delivers a stunning cookbook debut that present her flavor-packed "fusion home cooking. Filled with more than recipes, culinary information, seasonal notes, and beautiful color photographs, this is sure to be one of the most celebrated cookbooks of the year.

The world-renowned chef shares his secrets of Provence with recipes, addresses and places. Alain Ducasse has a grounded obsession, a secret garden, a protected territory—namely, Provence. Ducasse is, of course, familiar with all the well-known locations, but in this book he chooses to highlight places off the beaten track: In each chapter, you will find those addresses and phone numbers for guidance.

He even includes many recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. Over recipes show you how to bring a symphony of flavors to everyday meals. If you're cooking for satisfying deep-down tastes, look no further. Also included are Louisiana favorites,such as gumbos, jambalayas, and etouffees. Chef Peter Gilmore of Quay cares primarily about the diversity of food. On the menu or on the plate, he wants variety as well as vibrancy.

His artistic cookbook celebrates his open culinary philosophy with recipes and photographs from his iconic restaurant. His book, like his restaurant, is a piece of art. Much more than just seafood recipes, this book is a complete guide to preparing seafood, accessible to a beginner as well as suitable for an expert. Full of excellent photographs, this book has everything you need to know, from appetizers to the wine that will perfectly complement your Fried Soft-Shell Crabs. Simple Cuisine presents the pioneering cooking of Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

A new and versatile cooking style that maximizes flavor and simplicity while minimizing preparation time and effort. He replaced the heavy, tediously prepared essentials of classic French cooking with basic building blocks- vinaigrettes , flavored oils, extracted vegetable juices and simmered vegetable broths- to create a lighter cuisine. These extraordinary recipes will help you to cook like a four star chef in your home. What happens when a four-star chef and a renowned culinary minimalist cook together?

They invent a delicious style that adapts to every occasion and every level of expertise. With more than Now, Simply Ming is here to make East-west easier than ever, without losing any of its savory appeal. A James Beard Award-winning cookbook--available again in paperback. Each recipe relies on straightforward preparation and easily available ingredients, illustrating Foo's beliefs that good Chinese food is every bit as easy to prepare as Italian food and relies on the same principles of simplicity and freshness.

To say the recipes are easy is not to say that they are simple: Easy Recipes for Delectable Desserts is an asset to the kitchen professional and amateur baker of lazy Sundays, thumbing through her favorite recipes. The translation of Japanese noodle traditions to American tables reaches an apex with the arrival of this invaluable resource from James Beard Award winning and ICC presenter Takashi Yagihashi.

Combining his Japanese heritage with over twenty years of professional experience in restaurants in the Midwest, Yagihashi shares a wealth of noodle varieties and preparations, both traditional and innovative, spanning his culinary career. A delight for the eye and the palate, Tamales is the perfect book for Mexican food fanatics.

Inspired by her travels to some of the most secluded corners of the planet, Padma shares with cooks the origins of her latest exotic recipes. But you'll never have to feel as though you've just traveled the world in order to prepare them. Welcome to bread, not as a food, but as a way of life.

Can anyone say cojones in Thai? Yet readers of Thai Street Food will find it difficult to reproach Thompson when he makes it so clear how much he loves Thai cuisine. The book, dedicated solely to the street food cuisine of city markets and vendors, is an education unto itself. Following meals from morning, noon, and night, this culinary day-in-the-life is packed to the brim with urban deep-fried delicacies, exotic curries, and even a mandatory pad thai.

For more than twenty years, Barefoot Contessa, the acclaimed specialty food store, has been cooking and baking extraordinary dishes for enthusiastic customers in the Hamptons. For many of those years, people have tried to get the exuberant owner, Ina Garten, to share the secrets of her store.

Finally, the energy and style that make Barefoot Contessa such a special place are shown here, with dozens of recipes and more than breathtaking photographs, in The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. With the Caribbean Pantry Cookbook, you can bring the joyous flavors of the Caribbean to your table all year long. This timeless addition to the Chez Panisse paperback cookbook library assembles of the restaurant's best menus, including galas, festivals, and special occasion meals that have become such gustatory celebrations. A full range of menus is featured, from picnics to informal suppers.

This is the essence of Robuchon, distilled into one thick tome. Robuchon includes his thoughts on cooking methods, use of wine in food, and structures the rest like a classic French cookbook. It begins with stocks and sauces and progresses through salads, eggs, regional dishes, meat and seafood a whole chapter dedicated to offal! Eight hundred-plus recipes might sound like a lot, but its user-friendly layout and familiar writing style are enough to excite you about this wealth of knowledge; to his devout fans, it will read like a romantic novel. Fleur De Lys is the preeminent French restaurant in San Francisco and one of the finest restaurants in the country.

The dining beneath it's colorful, billowing canopy of handpainted fabric is a dramatic and romantic experience, heightened by Keller's dazzling food and genuine charm. In The Essential Cocktail , patron saint of mixology Dale DeGroff provides the definitive handbook for any amateur or professional bartender.

DeGroff provides comprehensive recipes based on his years of experience, as well as situational advice, like how to scale up a margarita in party situations or where it is appropriate to make your own drink variations on the classics. But with The Family Meal: This cookbook, Keller's first, is as satisfying as a French Laundry meal, a series of small, highly refined, intensely focused courses. Long celebrated for its beauty and rich cultural history, the Hudson River Valley, with its magnificent waterways and mountains, once inspired the early Indian and American settlers as well as the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts.

In his stunning culinary debut, Chef Waldy Malouf provides more than recipes that embrace the region's extraordinary variety of produce, game, fish, and dairy products. Explanations of equipment, product, sourcing, and, of course, technique, assume both the skill set and the ambitions of the professional not to mention the kitchen space. The Union Square Cookbook by Danny Meyer and Michael Romano offers of the Cafe's classic dishes, from appetizers, soups, and sandwiches to main courses, vegetables, and desserts.

Amateurs and pros alike will find the dishes here as accessible as they are irresistible It is her most creative and instructive cookbook, blending classic techniques with free-style American cooking and with added emphasis on lightness, freshness, and simpler preparations. Over recipes, including variations--from a treasure trivia of poultry and fish recipes and a vast array of fresh vegetables prepared in new ways to bread doughs and delicious indulgences, such as Caramel Apple Mountain or a Queen of Sheba Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Leaves.

From the day Tom Aikens burst on to the restaurant scene, he has barely been out of the limelight. Awarded two Michelin stars by the age of 26, he has consistently been tipped as one of the hottest and most talented chefs cooking today. Using fresh ingredients is crucial to Aikens, and he offers advice on how to approach shopping and cooking with these in mind. Here are realistic recipes for the home cook--most made in a single vessel--all based on the fact that the right ingredients, left alone cooking in one pot with virtually no intervention from the cook, will steadily build glorious flavor.

This is make-ahead food that gets better a day or two later, this is dinner party food, holiday food, food that's made on the weekend and savored throughout a busy week. The recipes here are organized by occasion, from intimate meals for two to casual dinners for friends, to brunches and outdoor bashes for a crowd. One small step for Thomas Keller…one great leap for sous vide.

With Under Pressure, Keller has made a compelling—and very pretty! A joint effort by Keller and acclaimed chefs Jonathan Benno, Corey Lee, and Sebastien Rouxel, Under Pressure details the whys and hows of sous vide one of the preferred cooking methods at The French Laundry, Bouchon and Per Se and charts a detailed list of foods that will and will not benefit from the technique.

A much-needed guide to the pleasures and particulars of Italian wine, with original recipes by bestselling chefs and authors Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianch, here is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country's wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes. Wait any longer, and the fraternal drama wanes.

Craft, of course, is never overlooked, with the Voltaggios variously sharing hard-earned wisdom, from artichoke cleaning to the char-able virtues of the Laurel family. For more than 15 years, Tom Valenti has been creating innovative and critically acclaimed menus for some of New York's most popular restaurants. Here, for the first time, Valenti shares his creative kitchen secrets and recipes, helping every cook to master his bold, deep flavors.

Welcome to My Kitchen is both a teaching book and a recipe book. It focuses not only on good food that is easily made, but on simple, accessible techniques for creating flavor-intense dishes in home kitchens. Valenti reveals an array of culinary "tricks," from how to regulate heat for the best flavor and texture, to how to use sugar to flavor savory dishes. Both beginning and experienced home cooks are sure to learn new techniques, giving them the confidence needed to build their own culinary repertoires. Best of all, Welcome to My Kitchen offers recipes, all of which illustrate the stunning success of Valenti's cooking style.

American cooking icon James Beard was passionate about life, and he shared his zeal with others through his cooking. The year marks the th anniversary of the birth of James Beard, and in an unprecedented culinary event, 21 master chefs, who have all garnered prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards, share their passion in Winning Styles Cookbook: The Harvard Common Press. A Day at el Bulli. Jonathan Waxman with Tom Steele.

A Great American Cook. Eric Ripert and Michael Ruhlman. A Return to Cooking. Alfred Portale with Andrew Friedman. Alfred Portale's 12 Seasons Cookbook. Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. Editors of Cook's Illustrated. Rick Tramonto and Mary Goodbody. Festive and Flavorful Mexican Small Plates. And the New Scandinavian Cuisine. Seasonal Recipes from the Celebrated Whistler Restaurant. Frank Fedele and Mario Batali. Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges. At Home In Ireland. Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico.

Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page. Becoming a Chef, Revised Edition. Bistro Cooking at Home: More Than Classic and Contemporary Dishes. New American Bistro Cooking. Elegant Recipes for Entertaining. The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef. Bobby Flay's Bold American Food: More Than Revolutionary Recipes. Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill: Bocuse in Your Kitchen: Simple French Recipes for the Home Chef. Daniel Boulud and Melissa Clark. A Journey Through International Cuisine. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Random House Publishing Group. Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts. Robert Clark and Harry Kambolis. Charlie Trotter's Meat and Game. Editors of Phaidon Press. Diane Imrie and Richard Jarmusz. Time is of the Essence. Lots of quick recipes with precise instructions.

The exotic ingredients in these recipes are supplemented by the author's account of the culture and history of this region. Volume I is bound in blue cloth with gilt titles - published Volume III is bound in black cloth with gilt titles - published in For the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Trade. Overseas customers please email us for a shipping quote, these three books weigh 4. Red cloth with blue titles. Red leatherette bindings with gilt titles and decorations. Small tear to top edge of volume I spine. A very attractive set aimed at the serious cook. Overseas customers please ask for shipping quote before ordering, this set has a shipping weight of 5kg.

Ten books in slipcase. What a wonderful collection. Slipcase is slightly rubbed, but this would still make an interesting gift for any cook. Barclay, Neil - Photography. Reduced to two cooking rings - no problem, here are some wonderful recipes which are quick and easy and at the same time delicious.

Good Housekeeping - New Recipe Book. A collection of recipes showing how easy it can be to create modern and easy meals on a regular basis, whether you are catering for one or two, want new ideas for regular family meals, are having friends round for a casual supper or are simply stuck for ideas for the children's packed lunches. Over classic and contemporary recipes with low-fat and shortcut tips. Perkins, Andrew - Photography. Good easy to follow recipes - Baked Macaroni Campagnese, a quick and easy supper dish.

Entertaining with "Food and Drink". BBC Consumer Publishing, BBC2's "Food and Drink" team present a guide to entertaining, including recipes from Michael Barry and drinks advice from Jilly Goolden for a variety of occasions. Lebanese Food and Cooking: Whitaker, Jon - Photographs. Discover the rich and vibrant food and cooking of the Lebanon, one of the most exquisite cuisines of the world.

A culinary trip around the Caribbean islands - Palm Heart Salad has to be a classic that will impress your guests. Dustjacket has a large loss to top rear edge, and is priceclipped.. A book which has seen kitchen life, the dustjacket is browned and the page edges are dusty, but where else could you find a selection of recipes from Burke, Carrier, David, Deighton, Freud, Gallati, Harben, Heath, Patten, Simon, Trompetto and Whitehorn.

All you ever wanted to know about these classic chef's together with some of their classic dishes. Former price mark in biro to free front endpaper. Wood, Trevor and Bull, Mike. OK, time for your daily caffeine fix! Photo Naji - Photography. Arab Scientific Publishers, Arab cooking is well worth experimenting with, and certainly makes an interesting alternative for dinner parties. James Beard - the doyen of American cooks - has written a book that tells you, in the most delicious way, everything you need to know about good pasta: Complete with untitled box.

Overseas customers please email us for shipping quote, these books weigh 3. This book is for all those interested in trying out new foods, new dishes, and new tastes. Peter Pauper Press, Anchovy Poufs to XYZ! Top 6cms of spine are detached and loosely inserted to front. French North African Cooking. This book recreates the lost world of the 'pieds noirs', French settlers in North Africa, and is a perfect example of food as the meeting points of culture.

A complete heritage of Canadian Cooking. Recipes are listed by State - Yukon can claim 'Slumgullion' and 'Hooligan' as recipes. Dustjacket is scuffed to edges and price clipped. Berries - A Cookbook. Jacobson, Eric - Photographs. A sparkling and mouthwatering collection of more than 50 recipes celebrating the versatile and delicious berry, in all courses and for all seasons.

A sparkling and mouth-watering collection of more than 50 recipes celebrating the versatile and delicious berry, in all courses and for all seasons. More than 50 tempting dishes and beverages show apples in a spectacular range of colours. Overseas customers please contact us for shipping quote. Every fruit and nut that is available in your garden or at your local supermarket or greengrocer's shop is included in alphabetical order so that you can see at a glance the best way to use it.

Mary Berry's Complete Cook Book. Over 1, recipes for every occasion - A cornucopia of Mary Berry's delicious recipes for everyday family meals and entertaining. Overseas customers please contact us for shipping quote, this book weighs 2. Favourite recipes from around the world. Very small water stain to back bottom of jacket, not affecting book. This book will help you plan and prepare successful buffet parties with confidence and ease. Curry party for 50 - how many friends do you have? International Recipes from Mary Berry. A collection of fifteen recipes on laminated paper with a fold-out board stand to rear.

This is one of Mary's earlier publications, not dated but Fine Fare were absorbed into the Somerfield Group, and name of Fine Fare had disappeared by the end of More Slow Cooker Recipes. For every busy person this has to be the answer to every evening meal. Gift inscription to short title page. Pleasures of Cookery, The. First Edition - Paperback. A blend of the old and the new, using familiar food in original ways and modifying classic recipes without loss of quality.

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Frances Bissell takes us on a culinary journey to places, restaurants, books and people which have inspired and influenced her. Times Cook Book, The. A real classic, with a wonderful selection of recipes. Dustjacket has very small bump to bottom front edge. Frances Bissell's Modern Classics. From aioli to Yorkshire pudding, everything you would expect from one of Britain's finest cook's. Heritage of British Cooking, A. Fascinating - why not try Sister Nightingale's kedgeree? Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. Dustjacket has a very small burn mark to front, not affecting contents.

Fisher, Tara - Photography. Tantalising seasonal recipes from this acclaimed Norfolk chef. This is a cookery book as elegant and modern as the restaurants run by Andrew Blake. Not too certain if Moreton Bay Bug would be available in the UK, but guess that any lobster would do! Edwardian Glamour Cooking - Without Tears. This book is not just a pretty confection, but a practical collection of delicious, forgotten recipes brought up to date and adapted to the special requirements of the cook-hostess.

Kidney Crotchets or Maharajah Morsels for anyone? Raymond Blanc is the most talented person cooking in this country. Inscription to title page reads - To Angela, wishing you lot of Happy Cooking with lots of friends. The Mysteries of the Kitchen Revealed. Kirk, Graham - Photographs. Everything you would expect from this great chef - the mysteries of the kitchen revealed with over recipes. Press release notice loosely inserted to front. This book demystifies Raymond's cuisine, showing how anyone can prepare simple and delicious food in a relatively short time without resorting to modern-day conveniences.

Merrell, James - Photographer. A great collection of recipes from Berger through Zeibold. From their table to yours Round the World in Eighty Dishes. Does exactly what the title says - 80 dishes from around the world.

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The Tables of My Travels. This is not a cookbook in the usual sense. Nor is it strictly a travel book though it does tell something of far lands and circumstances, of local dishes in local settings. Fisherman's Lemons from Portugal should make an interesting starter. Unashamedly Glamorous Party Food. Good Reading Copy pages.

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You could always try Liza Minnelli's Potato Shells if you have some caviar and vodka in the kitchen! A well used book, but it is still complete. Heston Blumenthal at Home. Moore, Angela - Photographs. Everyone has a weakness for a pie - but have you tried Curried Football Pie? Cooking with Bon Viveur. The first Bon Viveur Cookery Book. Jersey Baked Beans is a classic. Spanish Cuisine I Love, The. This book not only presents some of the best traditional dishes of Spain, but also many of Mexico, derived from them.

Rice and noodles are mainstays of the cuisine and are among the most important foods for many peoples of the world. The World's Work Ltd. Green cloth with gilt title to spine. Originally published in by Hastings House with pages. Alan Davidson was a British diplomat and historian, but best known for writing and editing on food and gastronomy. First Slice Your Cookbook. Not paginated, A new edition of the three-way cook book.

Each page is separated into starters, mains and puddings - just choose. Cornwall Historic Churches Trust, An interesting collection of recipes from men supporting Cornish churches. I Hate to Cook Book of the Year: A Book of Days. Recipes and relief for the reluctant cook and the harried houseperson. How about Shuttemup Biscuits? This is a beautifully illustrated collection of personal portraits of the finest chefs in the country, together with their stunning recipes.

Good Salad Book, The. If you want a filling salad for a one dish luncheon, something unusual for a buffet party, or a third or fourth course that is different for a dinner party, just turn the pages of this book. Angus and Robertson, Eating and love-making are the two great sensual delights and the somewhat fragile framework on which our lives evolve and stand.

Not too certain if this book was designed for couples why all the recipes are for people! Different, delicious and so easy to prepare. Dustjacket if browned and chipped to edges. Here is a collection of recipes from a wide variety of people - cookery writers, scientists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, nutritionists, journalists, antiquarian booksellers and others. Daily Telegraph Weekend Cookbook. This is a collection of more than recipes covering every occasion.

Pot Luck - Recipes from many Countries. A recipe book prepared by the girls of Farringtons, Chislehurst, for Freedom from Hunger. Water melon chicken certainly sounds interesting. Covers are lightly browned. A new collection of casserole recipes from many different countries. Learoyd, Richard - Photography. Introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The ultimate collection by Lawson, Oliver, Ramsey, Stein At Home with Ross Burden: Delicious Seasonal Recipes for Entertaining Friends.

Delicious seasonal recipes for entertaining friends. Whatever the time of day, memorable meals can be prepared to eat out of doors. The author provides over recipes and menu suggestions organized to suit the time of day. The recipes make good use of fresh herbs and colourful, flavoursome ingredients.

Dustjacket is lightly bumped to edges. Cooking from Around the World: Compiled from the Cooking for Pleasure Series. Over exciting international recipes compiled from the Cooking for Pleasure series. Good 52 page booklet. Recipes using Torox stock cubes. Cooking and Eating Around the World.

Each section contains information on where the specialist restaurants and shops are in the UK - not too certain how many have survived to this day. Recipes from an English Master Chef. Introduction by Egon Ronay. In this beautifully illustrated book, John Burton-Race has created superb seasonal menus from his extensive repertoire - and made them accessible through clear and precise descriptions. Small ink stain to front board. Lots of ideas for snacks. Eating in Bed Cookbook. Watermelon Hollandaise should be interesting! Bailey, Sam - Photography. Inscribed By the Author.

Each recipe comes with its own story - guaranteed to get the gastric juices flowing. Title page is inscribed - To Henrietta, Happy cooking! Henrietta Green is a British food writer and author. A basic cookbook that explains the chemistry of cooking - a creative cookbook that shows you how to impart a touch of magic to even the simplest dish. Dinner Party Book, The. Twenty-four planned menus for people who love to entertain with good food and wine. Antonio Carluccio Goes Wild. Shaw, William - Photographs. Headline Book Publishing, Complete Mushroom Book, The.

Antonio Carluccio has been passionate about mushrooms for over 60 years. During that time he has been gathering them as well as cooking with them and devising recipes for them. Inscribed to verso of free front endpaper - To Henrietta. The most enjoyable woman i know! With much love Antonio Carluccio Favorite Recipes of Famous Chefs.

Contributions from thirty of the finest chef's at the time. Decorated boards with yellow cloth spine and title labels to front and spine. Glut of Avocados, A. New Great Dishes of the World. The recipes are written in the clear informative style that has made Robert Carrier a household name in this country and abroad.

Dustjacket has crease to rear. Overseas customers please ask for shipping quote, this book weighs 1. Front cover is creased. Good selection of recipes from Carrier. Good 20 illustrated laminated cards in a slipcase. One of a series. Each recipe card can be used in the kitchen and as a shopping list! Each page is separated into Starters, Main Course and Desserts, so the cook can display all three menus at the same time. This book has a shipping weight of 2.

This is the collection of five titles contained within a slipcase. All the books are bright and clean with original dustjackets. This book has a shipping weight of almost 4kg. Recipes for Every Occasion. Aimed at all cheese lovers, this collection reflects the amazing variety of cheeses now available. The aim of this book is to extend the repertoire of catering students and professionals to an advanced level. Vintage Food Sampler, A. A choice selection from books about food and cookbooks.

L' Art de Recevoir: The Art of Entertaining. This book covers every formal occasion one is faced with during one's lifetime engagement, marriage, christening, anniversaries, etc. Overseas customers please contact us before ordering, this book has a shipping weight of 1. Corner edges are lightly bumped. Brigdale, Martin - Photographs. Collection of recipes from 18 distinguished British chefs. A collection of feel-good favourite recipes for home-cooked treats, from warming soups to indulgent puddings. The way we eat in Cape Town today. Seared Peppered Ostrich Carpaccio sounds interesting, but do not think the average UK supermarket sells ostrich fillet!

Proctor, Daniel - Photographs. Enjoy the essence of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables captured at their peak - and impart a delicious, aromatic touch to all of your cooking with flavors and infused oils. From Julia Child's Kitchen. Based on her twenty-five years of experience in the kitchen, Julia Child shares, in this delightfully informal book, the full range of her renowned mastery of the art of cooking.

A basic cookbook that leads the beginner from here to there in the kitchen In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite: Small bump to bottom edge. Chinese [] Brennan, Jennifer. Encyclopedia of Chinese and Oriental Cookery. Authentic recipes and cooking techniques. Overseas customers please email for shipping quote. Chinese Cooking for Pleasure. This book does show signs of 'kitchen wear'. Quick After Work Chinese Cookbook. With this book you can rustle up your favourite dishes is minutes - there is one recipe that takes 12 minutes! Good Card envelope containing 20 full colour cards with 24 recipes.

East and West Cookery Cards series. Curry Club Chinese Cookbook. Over delicious Chinese meals to make at home. Chinese Cooking for Two. Barron's Educational Series, A fabulous new collection of simple yet elegant Chinese recipes. Ma, what more can one say about Chinese cooking. Rear cover of dustjacket has been repaired with sellotape. Try authentic versions of the region's most famous and best-loved dishes, including Twice-cooked Pork, Fish-fragrant Aubergines and Pock-marked Mother Chen's Beancurd.

The recipes come from all over China and can be easily prepared in the average kitchen and include favourites, from Chinese restaurants, such as Peking duck and Mongolian lamb hot pot. Joy of Chinese Cooking, The. Feng, Doreen Yen Hung. In this remarkable and beautifully executed book, fascinating, pertinent Chinese history is woven throughout the chapters devoted to the recipe categories.

Ken Hom's Chinese Kitchen. Taste of China, The. The Taste of China combines a lively and informative narrative with authentic recipes and stunning photography from Hom's travel within mainland China. Appears to be unread. A collection of recipes from Ken Hom, sharing his enthusiasm for vegetables, rice and pasta.

A wonderful collection of recipes from Ken Hom. Dustwrapper has a small stain to the back bottom edge, not affecting contents. With a consumers guide to essential ingredients. Crispy aromatic chicken with stir-fried celery? Classic collection from this superb chef. Throughout the book, Ken Hom presents delicious recipes written with the home cook in mind. Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery;. Attwell, Bryce - Photographs.

Ken Hom's recipes are straightforward and easy-to-follow, and range from simple yet authentic stir-fried vegetable and meat dishes, to more complicated ones such as the exotic Peking Duck. Signed by Ken Hom to the short title page. Ken Hom's Hot Wok. Webb, Philip - Photographs. A collection of wok recipes, with an explanation of simple techniques for stir-frying, deep-frying, boiling and steaming.

The recipes encompass starters and appetizers, fish, seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, rice and noodles, and even desserts. Avocado and Lime Ice Cream sounds interesting. I trust this major culinary work from the master chef himself will be a proud companion to your Chinese cookery books, as well as becoming a standard reference,' Ken Hom. Chinese Regional Cooking - The art and practice of the world's most diverse Cuisine. This colourful and comprehensive selection of recipes provides a glorious range of exotic Chinese dishes for you to create in your own kitchen.

Whitaker, Kate - Photography. Chocolate Sesame Balls sound delicious. Chinese Food Made Easy. Over healthy recipes and ideas using easy-to-find ingredients. Dustjacket has 2cm tear to top front edge. Dustjacket has small nick to top edge of spine. Chinese Appetizers and Garnishes.

How to create all of those wonderful decorative vegetables. Text is English and Chinese. Hanscombe, Christine - Photographs. This is a marvellously simple and practical guide to Chinese cooking. Wu, Ting and Yung-chen, Chen. This is classic pre-takeaway cooking. Chinese Festive Board, The. Oxford University Press, This book presents a delightful picture of Chinese manners and dining etiquette that is as accurate today as it was when the book was first published in Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook.

Page edges are foxed, not affecting text. Over appetising and exciting vegetarian dishes, prepared and cooked in the time-honoured Chinese way. Chinese Cooking - Cantonese International Gourmet. Create the authentic flavour of Cantonese cuisine using traditional methods of cooking and combinations of ingredients. Chinese Cooking - Cantonese. New Classic Chinese Cookbook, The. Council Oak Publishing, Dong Po Pork sounds interesting, followed by Glazed Apples? Yoland Lim's Recipes for Health and Longevity. The way you look and feel shows what your eat!

Perhaps we should all try some Clam Cooked in Red Wine - Prevents premature ageing; stimulates vitality. Real Food of China. Heinemann in association with Rene Gordon, You may need to live close to a Chinese food shop to find some of the ingredients called for in this book, but why not try Salted Duck Eggs - duck eggs are readily available in your local supermarket - makes a wonderful starter, but plan well in advance, they need to be soaked in brine for 30 days.

Gastronomic Tour of China, A. Kenneth Lo is renowned for his culinary experience and teaching expertise, and in this attractive and authoritative book he now shows you how to master both traditional and modern Chinese dishes. Encyclopedia of Regional Chinese Cooking, The. Dustjacket spine is lightly sunned. Every recipe is illustrated, preparation and cooking times are provided and there is a menu planner which shows you how to combine various dishes in the traditional style.

Regional Chinese Cookbook - Twinings. Guide to Chinese Eating, A. Cooking the Chinese Way. Arco and Neville Spearman, Yes the great man of Chinese cooking was around in ! Regional Chinese Cook Book. Complete Encyclopedia of Chinese Cooking, The. Marks and Spencer, Foreword by Madame Grace Zia Chu. All the classic recipes you would expect from the master Lo, although Walnut Sweet sounds interesting.

Yes the great man of Chinese cooking was around in when this book was first published. Don't Lick the Chopsticks: Mother and three daughters offer a wide selection authentic Chinese food. Part of The International Cook Books series. Cooking of China, The - Food of the World. If you can find the ingredients you can always try Yu-ch'ib-t'ang. Apologies for lack of publication details, but they are all in Chinese. Recipes are all illustrated in colour, with text in both English and Chinese.

Covers are creased, but contents are clean and complete. Popular Guide to Chinese Vegetables, A. Very good descriptions of the various vegetables, together with relevant recipes. With rare and choice Chinese recipes and decorations by the author. Spine is sunned, and top edge dusty, otherwise a good tight book. Chinese cooking for the rest of us - those who love the tastes but want speed, ease and simplicity. Classic Food of China. Hill, Tim - Photographs. This book is a celebration of one of the world's most glorious cuisines, and takes the form of a mouthwatering journey through years of Chinese culinary history.

Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking. This beautiful book covers appetizers, soups, seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, rice, noodles and sweets, so there's something here for everyone, whether beginners or experienced cooks. Naturally Chinese; Healthful Cooking from China. The culinary mysteries of the Orient unravel delightfully as the author demonstrates how easily anyone can turn out an authentic Chinese meal.

A stunning marriage of Chinese tastes and techniques with California flair. Lin Yutang and Hsiangju, Lin. Secrets of Chinese Cooking. Dustjacket, which is damp stained to bottom edge, in protective sleeve. Chicken Wings Stuffed with Ham sounds very interesting, but the recipe does say - It is troublesome to prepare but delicious Cookery Around the World - China. Yum Cha is the traditional Chinese lunch-time or brunchtime feast, now becoming very popular around the world. Some light spotting to page edges, not affecting contents.

Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking. Interesting cooking recipes - each ingredient is given a letter - Put A add B-E First National Printing Co. Although this book is not dated, Mina refers to the war, when she stayed in Washington DC and then to the Philippines 'where I have been residing for the last ten years', so we think this would date this book about late 's. Red cloth boards are stained, not affecting contents. Bruant, Nicolas - Photography. Conran Octopus Ltd, This is honest, traditional cuisine made with fresh ingredients by someone who embodies the energy and sensuality necessary for cooking and sharing good food.

Over recipes for rich soups, grills, exotic kababs, stews of meat, vegetables, nuts or fruit, spicy sauces, piquant pickles and honey-soaked sweets are flavoured with a slice of history, an anecdote or a fable that brings this 'land of the sunset' vividly to life. Hot and Spicy Dishes from Around the World. This is the book for hot-food lovers everywhere! Why not start the day with Scrambled Eggs with Ginger - are you brave enough?

Here is a comprehensive, practical collection of those superb sauces which brought world-fame to Louis Diat of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York. Naturally Fast Food - Book 2. Lots of love, Henry. Great classic cooking including of her all-time favourite recipes.

Cook's Companion, The Sainsbury. A comprehensive step-by-step guide to cooking skills. Inscribed to free front endpaper - For Henrietta - With love, looking forward to more eating - from Jossy. Herietta is a British food writer and author. Josceline Dimbleby's Cooking Course. Websters International Publishers, Exciting, practical dishes for everyday family eating plus wonderful recipes for special occasions.

Book of Fruit and Fruit Cookery, The. Atlas Folio - over 23" - 25" tall. This book is for fruit lovers - to read and to cook from. Good Housekeeping - Wholefoods Cook Book. Cookery Book Club, Hundreds of delicious recipes using natural foods. Cook and Housewife's Manual, The. A practical system of modern domestic cookery and family management. The seventh edition, containing a compendium of French cookery, and of fashionable confectionary, preparations for invalids, a selection of cheap dishes, and numerous useful miscellaneous receipts in the various branches of domestic economy.

Lacks free front endpaper. Top edge of spine is torn but complete. Cook and Housewife's Manual. The seventh edition, containing a compendium of French cookery, and of fashionable confectionary, preparations for invalids, a selection of cheap dishes, and numerous useful miscellaneous receipts in the various branches of domestic economy to which has been added a comprehensive treatise on domestic brewing. A nice clean tight book.

Bowden, James - Photography. Dorset Cereal's celebration of the best meal of the day, from big brunches to quick and simple breakfasts. The author turns her hand to the best recipes of the past two thousand years. From an Ancient Roman baked custard flavoured with honey - to a highly domestic meat loaf. Wonderful recipes with the minimum of ingredients. Fabian, Bobbi - Photography. Compiled for The Victorian Women's Trust. This book is a celebration of women, food and entertaining featuring over fifty of the top women cooks in Australia.

Good Housekeeping Cookery Book. First published in Great Britain in Completely revised edition with many new recipes and 64 colour plates. Over 2, recipes with metric and imperial measures. Recipes with maximum impact in minimum time for easy entertaining from the Maitre Chef des Cuisines at The Savoy. Over recipes for every occasion. Chef's Secrets from the Savoy. Savoy 'postcard' inscribed Dear Henrietta, I hope you enjoy this book and use it in your kitchen! Anton, is loosely inserted to front. Dustjacket spine is sunned. Throughout this appetizing collection, with its stimulating blend of familiar and exotic, the emphasis is on simplicity, harmony and fresh, unadulterated flavours.

Life and Dining on the Great Ocean Liners. National Maritime Museum, This book recalls not only the glamour and excitement of life on board, but also the rich creativity of the cuisine. Great International Cheese Board, The. Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, Natural nutritious and flavoursome food for all seasons of the year. Oven to Table Cooking. Fast Food for Friends. With over delicious recipes and inspirational colour photography, Fast Food for Friends is the fun fast track to easy entertaining. New Recipes from Le Champignon Sauvage. Barber, Lisa - Photography. This is a joyous collection of innovative and exciting recipes.

Pierrot Publishing Limited, Over international recipes - from family fare to feasts. Jug-Jug from Barbados sounds interesting. A selection of recipes for each season of the year.

Greer, Charles - Photography. A special treat for connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Day at ElBulli, A: Best chef in the world: Best restaurant in the world: This is not a cookery book for kitchen use, but a fascinating insight into ElBulli. Bottom edge of front board has a small bump, and top edge of dustjacket has a slight scuff to top edge of spine, the contents are very good.

This book has a shipping weight of 3. Glasgow on a Plate. Donaldson, Alan - Photographs. Black and White Publishing, An interesting collection of recipes from some of Glasgow's finest chefs. All Manner of Food. International recipes grouped by ingredient - garlic, cheese, mushrooms International Cook Book, The. Over 3, recipes gathered from all over the world, including many never before published in English. With complete menus of the three meals for every day of the year. This book has a shipping weight of almost 3. Best of Boulestin, The.

His good taste, his sound culinary sense and his fund of good ideas on everything pertaining to cooking and the enjoyment of food are made available to a new generation of readers in a book containing over three hundred pages of his recipes. With Bold Knife and Fork. This book is about how I like to cook, most of the time, for people in my world, and it gives some of the reasons.

These have made my life enjoyable, so they may be of interest to other human beings. From the Nova Kitchen. Promotional pamphlet from Tupperware, with some interesting South African recipes. Cosmopolitan Cookery in an English Kitchen. Faded green cloth gilt title to spine. Ottershaw School Library label to front pastedown. We can only assume that the boys of Ottershaw did not live on gruel. Food of the Western World, The: This book has a shipping weight of 2kg, overseas customers please email us for shipping quote before ordering.

There is a flavour of long ago in the opening chapters, and the descriptions of entertaining as it used to be in the time of our grandmothers, will appeal to every lover of Africana. Feast of Floyd, A. Keith Floyd presents of his favourite recipes - from childhood delights of faggot and peas to sophisticated dishes from his favourite chefs. The recipes are enlivened by practical advice, and tips on what tipple to enjoy with which dish, as well as anecdotes of his exploits in the kitchen. Scott by arrangement with Harper Collins, Good In this abridged edition, specially produced for Andrex Ultra Kitchen Towel, Floyd presents over 60 of his all time favourite recipes.

Feasts and Fables of a Cook Down Under. A mix of humorous and informative anecdotes about Keith Floyd's gastronomic journey around Australia. Over recipes are featured in this publication which will tied-in with the six-part series on BBC2. Dustjacket is slightly bumped to top edge. This presents a celebration of food and a pageant of people enjoying themselves all over the world. From eating alone to the more the merrier - inspired ideas for any occasion. Classic combinations and fabulous ideas to inspire your cooking. Salsas, Relishes and Dips. Adams-Lingwood, William - Photographer.

Simple to make, fun to serve and irresistible to eat, easy-to-prepare salsas, relishes and dips will add panache to any offering. Dips, Dollops and Drizzles. This is brilliant party food. Crepes, Wraps and Rolls. Exciting collection of recipes. We also have in stock Dips, Dollops and Drizzles. Previous owner has tried to remove a telephone number from the free front endpaper without success - this does not affect the contents of this fascinating book.

Moyra Fraser's inspiring recipes are proof that good, fresh food can be produced with minimum of time and effort - the perfect antidote to many more complex celebrity cookbooks. Why not try Salat karpas ve mandarinot Celery and mandarin salad. Another classic from Nina.

Top edge is dusty. Maori Food and Cookery. The Pre-Pakeha Maoris had no metal or ceramic vessels for cookery. Their diet was necessarily light on protein foods, and included no grain-food products as a carbohydrate base. But they were very highly skilled at hunting, fishing and cultivation, and had a great ingenuity in creating a palatable diet from limited food and cookery resources. Restaurant Dishes of the World. Over delicious recipes to cook at home. Green cloth slipcase with gilt title. An interesting collection of designs. Hot Ideas from Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Jackson, James - Photography.

Interesting collection of recipes using this world famous pepper sauce. A delicious collection of world food recipes from an award winning author - why not try Salmon patties with mushy peas? Filgate, Gus - Photographer. Simple dishes, readily available ingredients and a wealth of enticing recipes that involve only one pan: Acevedo, Melanie - Photographs.

Flavours of the World. Linder, Lisa - Photography. Jacqui Small LLP, A wonderful collection of soup recipes from around the world - a soup lover's heaven. Passion for Cheese, A. More than innovative ways to cook with cheese. Lobster and Gospel Green Cheddar Bisque has to be a must.